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know intimately how the hospital internally works - Surely this will be useful to
those whose plight is to improve and change the way we do healthcare at the
hospital - It galls me that CMS is offering bonuses while the new venture of
Obamacare and the ACO may be another way to bury the bodies. Obamacare will bring
in 47 - million uninsured while the Medicare baby boomers 70 million may become the
victims of Dr. Death to minimize costs for those cases with medical errors,
negligence, poor peer review, and the year end bonus scheme!""Yes, however I'm
eager to network and help with our stories - I'm hopeful ProPublica and other
groups we belong (friend with Gil Mileikowsky (the empowered patent & Citizens for
patient safety) will be able to pull all of us together to move our concerns to the
legislatures of respective states and the federal government. I'm impressed
Veronica with all you've taken on as a loving daughter and your Mom's first
advocate - your story is heartfelt. Hopeful again with the newest development with
ProPublica's help - and are there other organizations similar for a national
awareness - investigative reporting with national media - to develop pressure on
the elected to make the changes. OR should there be a train the trainers to take
the experiences on the road to give the tools to others to know what to do in
situations like yours and others? What better way to educate the Consumers to take
control by learning and having a tool kit to advocate for their loved ones. Relying
on the system certainly is not going to do it. As the lobbyist have the ears and
hands of those who can make law. Consumers for health and medical care must
organize themselves to do the same. My experience with Legal Services Corporation,
Centers on Law and Poverty, are unable to do the legal advocacy on the state and
national level because of their funding sources. Same holds true with the ""free""
clinics, each organization unions, AMA, appear to only represent their interest
while ""using"" consumers as their interest but as a national coalition of
Consumers - I'm unaware of any and I believe this is exactly what must occur - a
National Coalition of Consumers!!!""i don't think people understand how scary the
ACO's are or how misguided Obamacare is. Regardless of your policy goals, its
horrifically bad policy implementation."Congratulations ~ ! ~ breaking the 1000
mark ~ ! ~ As the group's focus is national I'm interested in linking and outreach
with California members too. Please contact me at"It's
nice to see that this group has broken the 1,000 participant level -- more people,
more input, more awareness.""Hello, my name is Elbert Chu and I'm a freelance
journalist and masters student at the City University of NY in Marshall Allen's
health investigation class.I'm working on a story about how some nursing homes dose
residents who are not diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis with
antipsychotics. These chemical restraints not only rob people of their
personalities, they also endanger many lives. My project is focused on NYC. I'm
wondering if you have experience with a loved one who was inappropriately given
these drugs in a NYC nursing home? These drugs include Zyprexa, Risperdal, Haldol,
Clozaril, Seroquel and others. If so, please leave a comment below and we can
arrange an interview. Thank you.""I'm not in NY and mom wasn't in a nursing home,
but she got antipsychotics instead of correct medical treatment for an iatrogenic
drug overdose, even though they were contraindicated due to prolonged QT and
swallowing issues and the family had forbade it, in writing and it was on mom's
chart in big letters written by a nurse. Marshall has my email address.""Hi Debra,
thanks for the note. Sorry to hear how your mom was mistreated. It is good to hear
about families who are aware of the dangerous cocktails of drugs and want to avoid
them, but so frustrating that mistakes persist so often.""By the way��� if
anyone with experience in NYC would rather get in touch directly, you're welcome to
email me:""Hi Veronica James, what a tragic mistake. Glad to
hear you didn't give up hope. I appreciate the heads up. I will take a look at the
files."As some of you know COPD is often misdiagnosed or mistaken for asthma and/or
bronchitis for years. It is different."I am looking for more guests for the show,
so if you are interested please let me know."your the best!!!Thanks Daniel so are
you"I'm working on a story about how rare it is for patients to complain about a
medical mistake or the harm they've suffered in the hospital.I'm going to include a
mention of this new proposal to have patients blow the whistle when they've been