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facebook page for injured patients at this link:""Thank you for this, I will check it out.
People often don't think about those of us who have to live with the day-to-day
aftermath of medical harm and injury!!"not goodHoly Moly - this is worse than my
state of Missouri! God Bless those people who will be so horribly damaged by this
legislation."In light of today's historic ruling, I'd like to share my May op-ed
about the patient safety aspects of the ACA that were upheld today. If you like it,
please checkout our page peggymemorial."Make sure you read until the end for the
med mal story. Thoughts?"Thursday #Healthcare #Tweetchats (EDT) 6pm #DWDChat (Death
With Dignity) @produceconsume: #whatifeol - What if having an #EOL plan meant
better quality time w/loved ones? Would you do it? #DWDChat 06/28 6p ET 8pm ? HCHLITSS
9pm #MedEd (Medical Education): @MedEdChat: Interested in Medical Education or
Academic Medicine? Join us for #meded chat every Thurs nite at 9pm ET!@MedEdChat:
What will be the effects of today's #SCOTUS #PPACA decision on med education &
training? Join us for #meded chat, 9p ET tonight to discuss! ? RNChat
pm (Please Note #EOLChat is now on Tuesdays at 9:30pm)(See full list at:""Somehow, it feels wrong
to post such a downer on a day that is so historically significant in healthcare.
But Thursday is column day, and the topic is an important one. Exeter Hospital New
Hampshire learns a lesson about having drug addicts as caregivers - the hard way."
"Hi everyone. As some of you may know, the Supreme Court is expected to issue a
landmark ruling on health care reform as early as Monday. This could have a big
impact on a lot of the patient safety-related aspects of the law. I asked experts
about what the ruling might mean and here's what they said:"Still no word from the
Supreme Court on health care reform."UPDATE: This morning the Supreme Court upheld
the Affordable Care Act, which means that health care reform survives intact. In
the post above, experts discuss the pros and cons of this for patient safety. Check
it out.""Hospitals extremely UNhappy about Leapfrog Group's patient safety score
and accuse the employer-based group of ""manipulation"" of the data, in a letter
from AHA pres and ceo Rich Umbdenstock. Leapfrog's Leah Binder fires back that
them's fighting words, or words to that effect!""That is more scary evidence that once one is incarcerated by
the mental system (more a political indoctrination party than a profession), one is
in a bubble, a little universe which is isolated from the rest of the world the
legal system has power in.""HIPAA stakeholders should be warned that Americans
resent being tricked.In my discussion on the Health IT Linkedin group concerning
HIPAA, Phil, the director of health informatics from Pennsylvania, has thus far
failed in his attempt to defend the NoPP requirement���s waste of healthcare
resources. I don���t think he���ll do any better at defending the NoPP
authors��� intent to deceive Americans.""-----Phil:I truly don't see the waste.
It requires one step in the office workflow. I'm sure that it isn't more time
consuming than a patient producing an insurance card or paying a co-pay or the
charge for the visit.My response:I���d like to set aside the walk-over argument
against the NoPP requirement for the waste of healthcare resources caused by the
creation of millions of meaningless paper trails. There���s a far more serious
characteristic of the NoPP that I feel Americans should be warned about, and I
intend to give it my best. The federal law requires doctors to support a ruse
designed a decade ago by HIPAA stakeholders to trick na��ve Americans into
thinking their signature on the Notice of Privacy Practices form carries legal
significance - when in fact, it doesn���t. This means that when used as
intended, the NoPP requirement encourages doctors to deceive new patients or risk
HIPAA fines. Why would even the most dedicated HIPAA stakeholders choose to promote
tyranny in the land of the free? Face it. The NoPP requirement is shameful. One
day, you too will at least privately understand what is becoming increasingly
obvious to your colleagues: The NoPP isn���t where stakeholders want to make