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kidney failure in my right kidney! The SAME urologist is now 79 years old and was
recently sued AGAIN, for causing the DEATH of a male who had a circumcision done!
The Oregon Medical Board REFUSES to seriously INVESTIGATE medical malpractice
lawsuits that are filed in any Oregon Court. Their ""investigation"" of a
malpractice claim consists of reading the ONE SENTENCE REPORT submitted to them, by
to learn the ""other side of the story"", nor to conduct an independent review of
the situation!Going up against the LARGEST LAW FIRM in the State of Oregon, when
one is SEVERELY ILL and PERMANENTLY DISABLED, not to mention newly impoverished, is
one of the most SOUL-CRUSHING EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE! The settlement I received
was PATHETIC and more than half of it went to my attorneys. The total settlement
amount hasn't even BEGUN to cover all of my medical expenses, THUS FAR, let alone
all those that my insurance companies and the federal government (via Medicare and
Medicaid), will be paying longggggg into the future! All of my retirement savings
was used up long ago and my 11+ years of university education have been flushed
down the toilet! Meanwhile, this elderly, incompetent surgeon is still
""practicing"" on other gullible, vulnerable citizens & visitors within Oregon!How
many more people have to be MAIMED or KILLED within Oregon, before the Oregon
"Janiece Staton, I am interested in contacting you. Can you message me here on
Facebook?"I'll be happy to."BTW, in case those of you here don't know this, EVERY
MD practicing within the USA has a GUARANTEED CHANCE of winning a medical
malpractice lawsuit in 85% - 95% of cases, IF THE CASE GOES TO TRIAL! That's why
personal injury attorneys are reluctant to take medical malpractice cases to a jury
to decide. It doesn't matter WHAT the MD did or didn't do, nor what the outcome of
the event was, most jurors CANNOT and WILL NOT believe that an MD could POSSIBLY
hurt, maim, or kill a patient! Too many Americans are GULLIBLE, when it comes to
BELIEVING in the ""GOD-LIKE"" knowledge and abilities of MDs!!!!!""Janiece Staton,
you hit the nail on the head. Most doctors I encounter don't care about the
patient and even those that do it is futile to go against the billion dollar
liability insurance companies. I have been thinking about this a long time and
individually we can do nothing but as a group we have power. And we can amplify
that power by enlisting the help of the DHHS, Office of Inspector General and the
health insurance companies. We have to get to the health insurance companies
before they take them over and continue to force treatments and bad medicine on the
general population. After all their on-going viability depends on keeping their
insured healthy. I am sorry for you and what you have been through. Unfortunately
I know it is true and that others will continue to be injured.""Not ALL MDs are
incompetent, only SOME of them are. The same is true for RNs, social workers,
occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, respiratory
therapists, medical technologists, etc. The problem comes with not making
retirement MANDATORY for elderly MDs, just like retirement is MANDATORY for pilots
and others in high-risk occupations. ONE incompetent MD can kill or maim just as
many people as ONE incompetent or unhealthy pilot can! We MUST require MDs to
undergo REGULAR TESTING to make certain they REMAIN COMPETENT! Right now, only
BOARD CERTIFIED MDs are required to take REGULARLY every 10 year EXAMINATIONS to
PROVE that they are STILL COMPETENT to practice! All MDs who are NOT Board
Certified, don't have to take ANY further exams, once they graduate from their
residency programs! In the case of my elderly MD, he graduated from medical school
back in the 1950's! I had NO IDEA he was a OLD as he was, when I had my surgery
(I've never been good at judging people's ages), or else I NEVER would have chosen
him to perform my surgery!Just as ELDERLY DRIVERS are a HIGH RISK GROUP, so are
PROVIDERS as the HIGH RISK PROFESSIONALS that they ARE!""It doesn't MATTER whether
they are COMPASSIONATE or NOT! Elderly MDs are NOT SAFE for the general welfare of
their patients! It's the SAME for elderly pilots and long-haul truck drivers!
Right now, that MD who butchered me is STILL cutting on people and SEVERELY
DAMAGING THEM and can continue doing so until he's 198 years old! There's NO ONE
TO STOP HIM!"Veronica James I agree with Janiece Staton but will add that the