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and is Google-able somewhere.)I don't want you to cry for anyone you don't want to
cry for. I spent 3 hours today with fellow members of Metro Maryland Ostomy
Association, all of whom have plastic bags stuck to their bellies to collect feces
or urine (myself included). None of us were crying - some might cry for us though
at this point we don't need it. Re #3 ""If Obama had really cared about people
dying without insurance..."" This is unfair - everything in the ACA was negotiated
and the thing just barely passed as it was. If he could have sat in a room and
designed the whole thing himself who knows what would be included. It would
certainly be different than it is.Re #4 I can tell you straight up from first hand
knowledge that you are 100% wrong. I am one of the people who has set up the way
we're measuring patient safety at the national level for the Partnership for
Patients program. The data will not be gamed. (Most of it comes from random chart
review, and the charts are abstracted by people that have no connection to the
hospitals or to the success of the program.) The measures set up earlier (pre
2009) to have Medicare not pay for care after adverse events are producing puny
results, but those are another story and they are unconnected to the Affordable
Care Act (Obamacare). You can see what I'm talking about from the slightly-out-ofdate info on-line at
ly_PFP-NPP_Meetings.aspx - download the slides for the Jan 19, 2012 meeting and
see slides 125-136... The bottom-line number for 2010 was calculated as 145 (not
137) and this was sent to Congress."I have a lot to say about that issue at the
moment. Hope to be able to share what we are learning about consumer safety from
the meningitis outbreak. System failure on every level and catastrophic
incompetence in responding."Noel, ""it will not be gamed."" Pardon me but Baloney
sausage. Take a look at my mother's medical records. Fake diagnosis codes to avoid
bounce back penalties. Which later resulted in misdiagnosis and mistreatment.
Stage IV pressure ulcers misreported to avoid never event repporting. Drug
overdoses papered over to avoid never event reporting. Falsifification and
alteration of medical records to hide EMTALA violations. And yes that is plural.
Miscoding of a half-dozen HACs. Medicare Regional Office personnel engaging in
falsification of records -- I'll give you names- with the stated purpose of
refusing to implement patient safety regulations. Starved on PURPOSE because she
was disabled and left, on purpose, in that situation by Medicare paid personnel,
without treatment for known lung cancer, and the main response from Medicare is how
annoying we are to expect justice. Mom died because of people gaming the rules,
with impunity. This is Kathleen Sebellius, not ""some other administration."" The
Obama administration does not give a ___ about patients. That is clear to us in
spades. Power point slides mean nothing. chart reviews mean nothing. Do you really,
really think that these people are honest when they chart?????? How do you intend
to defeat those who lie. Because
nurses are taught in nursing school now how to jigger the charts. I'd love to
show you where Inova charted mom as having a 2 cm by cm stage II pressure ulcer,
with pictures taken, mere hours later, by National Rehab showing a stage IV, with a
sore at stage II to a diameter of a dinner plate covering her entire buttocks.
Unless the ambulance crew took a flame thrower to her rear end in transit, its
pretty obvious that Inova lied. Period. And since you are a disabled person, let
me warn you that Medicare, the state of Virginia, and Inova believe they have every
right to starve you to death if you get taken there by ambulance. I'd suggest not
traveling across the border, because euthanasia of the disabled is legal here. Our
family has that in writing. Obamacare does not require people to have insurance. It
just taxes them if they don't and it defines as insurance a very expensive bells
and whistles definition that many people will not be able to afford without real
efforts to move the cost curve -- which Obamacare worsens. It crowds out/bans
lower cost solutions that have provided minimal coverage. There is a very good
chance that, post-supreme court decision on state mandates - Obamacare will result
in fewer people being unisured as corporations dump their lower cost plans and
people can't afford the full monte insurance that the state exchanges will be
mandated to offer. I have a question for you Noel Eldridge. You think that