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my Timeline if anyone is interested."I do think this is a VERY big part of it. The
younger ones who speak out against senior medical staff don't make it very
far...and nurses who stand up to doctors seldom get commended for it...EVEN when
the doctor is wrong and knows that he is wrong.HCA recently fired a nurse who blew
the whistle on unneccessary heart procedures in Florida - kept the physician"Read
about what happened to ICU nurse Toni Hoffman, when she blew the whistle on Jayant
Patel, who was struck of in America, and did so much harm in Australia that he was
dubbed 'The Butcher from Bundaberg."" Patients aren't safe when the Medical Board
allows dangerous doctors to continue doing harm to numerous unsuspecting patients.
Even after thousands of patient complaints about one dangerous doctor, nobody
listened to the patients, and the doctor was allowed to continue practicing for
another 12 years before a group of women marched into parliament and demanded
action. It was found that he'd been struck off well over a decade ago."That is so
true! After my daughter died in 2003 is when I became aware of these ugly little
secrets that goes on behind the scenes. Dr. Slomoff is responsible for Jessie not
getting an antibiotic and she died two days later from septic shock which was what
she was sent to him for....anyway he lied about the care that he gave Jess and
finally when we were in depositions I found out that he had 2 previous malpractice
claims before Jess but I was not allowed to know what for! About 2 months ago I
called the medical board to check him out and he was like doctor of the year! NO
Malpractice in history!"What many people don't realize is that medical boards may
know a certain doctor is dangerous and yet work to protect that doctor. Many
'assume' they don't know but sometimes they do... Even though my former doctor
admitted via sworn testimony that he purposely had me sedated before he arrived
surgery so he could purposely obtain surgical consent from someone other than me so
he could purposely remove healthy organs, the medical board does not see an issue.
A representative from the board recently told me that my doctor probably just gave
false testimony. Unbelievable comment on many levels. When a medical board is
willing to protect a doctor to that extent, well I don't know what to say... I
really don't.""same here, that is why the law MICRA has been in place for 40 years
without one change made. Not one! The money backing this horrible law that
prevents you from holding a doctor or hospital responsible for their negligence is
from the Drug and Insurance Industry is just to powerful! We must keep talking and
sharing...I guess."medical boards are a joke! They are made up of all doctors and
for some reason doctors are looked upon as the al mighty!makes me sickThe feed back
that I have gotten from you very smart and informed gals has given me a great push
for today and I want to thank you all! The counrty needs to listen to you!I would
like to help in any way I can!"Such a Fresh Idea I had to share, we do have hope.""The original article is
this was based on a 10 year old study by Dr. Barbara Starfield���s study in the
Journal of the American Medical Association. The following is an interview of Dr.
Starfield, and she really describes what is wrong with the medical system." orthopedic community is one of the worst offenders.
Thanks for the link Robin.
"Tort reform harms. It makes for a very dangerous medical environment. Since
pursuing legal remedy has become nearly impossible for most harmed patients,
doctors and hospitals know they won't be held accountable. This is not in anyone's
best interest."Here is a far better document than a line on wikepedia..."CNN ran an op-ed
online this morning by American Association
for Justice (AAJ) President Mary Alice McLarty on medical errors and patient
safety. In the piece she challenges the talking points used by people trying to
limit patients��� rights and highlights the importance of the civil justice
system:The civil justice system gives families of patients who have died or have