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Transcript . The descriptions of Cheesecake Factory vs ""typical""
hospital goings-ons is almost amazing.""""The biggest complaint that people have
about health care is that no one ever takes responsibility for the total experience
of care, for the costs, and for the results.""Lots of good observations in this
article.""""defensive medicine"" in light of today's incredible front page NY Times
story about testing by HCA's cardiologists.""A lawsuit filed by two former dental
clinic employees accuses a Wichita dentist of viewing pornographic videos in front
of child patients while they were sedated. The lawsuit, which alleges sexual
harassment and racial discrimination, also says the dentist gave inadequate
sedation to Hispanic and African-American children.""This brings to mind a few
feelings:1) Encouraged because the intervention worked and the infection rate went
down by 1/3.2) Sad because even afterwards the rate is more than 1 in 6 of these
patients (colorectal surgery patients at Johns Hopkins) getting a surgical site
infection. JHU has been rated the best Hospital in the country for years so it
shows that this is a tough one to make vary rare.3) Strange because I saw one of
the co-authors (Dr. Efron) two years ago when I was considering major colorectal
surgery (I'm still considering it). (Long story.)4) Glad because the agency I work
for (AHRQ) is funding the JHU people to begin to spread nationwide an intervention
to reduce surgical adverse events based on the ""CUSP"" methods used in this study.
5) Perplexed that some in Congress have submitted a bill to terminate AHRQ as of
October 1, 2012 despite the fact that AHRQ funds projects like this. (Although the
rumored budget deal if passed in September will put off that argument until March
2013.)""AHRQ is a great resource. In my position I use their information at least
weekly. Noel, what do you do there?""Noel, would you mind if I used some of your
comments for a post on about the Hopkins study?""Sure, go
ahead. :)""Another I told you so���Medical ID theft: Double danger for
doctors,��� by Pamela Lewis Dolan was posted today on"
"���Medical identity theft is very much on the radar of Medicare and other
agencies responsible for investigating identity theft. In recent years, it has
become the fastest-growing type of identity theft in the world, according to
reports. An estimated 2 million people become victims of identity theft each
year.���I started questioning dental leaders about medical identity theft from
EHRs in 2006. I���m still waiting for a response.���Physicians also face
repercussions when their patients��� identities are stolen. Patients report
losing trust in their physicians after a medical ID theft has occurred. There is
also the potential for medical errors and bad outcomes caused by two patients using
the same identity. Physicians also potentially could be subjected to violations of
the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] if they did not
adequately protect the data from being stolen.��� Sound familiar? Why does it
seem less unprofessional for an AMA reporter than for a dentist to say such bad
things about EHRs?While the AMA and the nation���s physicians have been working
hard to protect practices and patients from the devastating consequences of
identity theft, the expression of such concerns in dentistry continues to be
censored as ���unprofessional behavior.��� What���s more, if an ADA member
persists in questioning the safety of EDRs beyond the approved chain of dissent,
the unprofessional behavior can be upgraded to ���unethical behavior,��� which
includes the loss of membership and forfeiture of any dues refund for the unused
portion of the year. I say risk some dues money, Doc. Be like a physician and
demand more transparency concerning EHR dangers. You don���t want to find out
the hard way that I���ve been consistently straight with you for years.D. Kellus
Pruitt DDS""While the Missouri Supreme Court threw out their cap on pain suffering
in medical malpractice cases, unfortunately it still exists in Colorado as seen in
this verdict: ""Walters will receive only a portion of the $15 million awarded to
him by the jury. Under Colorado law, he can receive only $300,000 of the $10
million portion of the award for pain, suffering, impairment and disfigurement."""
Absolutely disgusting!"Has anyone in this forum compiled a list of these caps? I've
written about the Illinois cap and the California cap, but it would be interesting
to do a state-by-state comparison. What happens to you if you are injured in one