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Was short staffing an ongoing issue on this unit? It's often the culture right on
up to the top that needs analysis."Marshall-I work almost daily with aerospace
medicine physicians in the sapce industry. Those who are aware of my position and
goals with patient safety have tried to marginalize me, but without much success.
They have gone annomously to my boss to try to get me silenced, but they are afraid
to come to me directly. I gave a talk a few years ago in which I used the fact that
the third man to walk on the moon, Pete Conrad, died as a result of medical error.
They have tried to block the articles I write for a newsletter that is circulated
to about 3000 people where I work. Their requirement of ""he does not speak for
us"" disclaimer in my articles is almost laughable. The newsletter editor thinks it
reflects the idea that patients should never speak out on patient empowerment. She
encourages my articles. You got to have some thick skin in this effort, but when
you know the other side is full of itself, it's fun."You're my hero John James"Yes,
it does take a thick skin.""Do they literally include a disclaimer about you? If
so, it would be kind of fun for you to share it with us.""John, keep speaking the
truth. That is my compass and I know it to be yours on behalf of your son. You
are making a difference, I hope you know that.""Hi, John... it's me Sharone
Palmer..Hope all is well..."Just print out this document for your dentist and if
he/she doesn't answer your questions adequately move on to find a dentist that
will."Tina - that seems like a reasonable thing to request from a dentist, but I'm
wondering whether you've used it and what the response was from the dentist. Also,
are you currently trying to pass this bill? Please give us some context about what
you're doing. The link on the ""Tina's bill proposal"" site says ""page not
found.""""I'm wondering, too, if others have tried asking dentists or medical
providers about their history of discipline. How did it go?""Thank you Marshall
Allen, as per the law, consumers of dental services are owed the vital information
valuable to us prior to signing an Informed Consent Document and/or agreeing to
procedures/treatment. The Dental Board is fighting me every way possible to prevent
my bill proposal from being made into law. Boards collect exorbitant fees from
Probationer Dentists as do their in-house investigative/enforcement units.""The fact remains, Dental Boards
refuse to inform the patients of the dentists they place on probation at the place
of treatment but members are not held responsible if the accurate facts about the
dentist's repeated gross negligent conduct or drug/alcohol addiction or fraudulent
conduct and incompetence are not on their website. Members avoid any responsibility
when a Probationer Dentist repeats their harmful pattern.""As consumers of dental
services, we are basically disabled to make an informed choice in a dentist or sign
an Informed Consent Document if the valuable and vital information about our
dentist's probationer dentist status of licensing is purposely suppressed/omitted
from us at the place of treatment.""Interesting article.""It's great to see so many new members of the group in the past
couple of days. Welcome! I wanted to point out that there's more info about this
group in the ""files"" section of this site. There, Olga Pierce and myself explain
why we're moderating this group, and there's an explanation, as well, of why we at
ProPublica decided to launch this community. We look forward to your continued
contributions!""Just curious: has anyone here had trouble with your finances
because of harm you or a loved one suffered as a patient? We hear all the time
about the physical pain and suffering. But after all my years of reporting,
I���m starting to wonder if anyone has ever quantified the economic toll these
healthcare-acquired infections and injuries take on patients. Any links you can
provide to research or info about this would be appreciated. I often think about a
woman named Carole LaRocca I wrote about while I was at the Las Vegas Sun. She was
doing her best to have a peaceful retirement. She had a little place where the
walls are decorated with knick-knacks and memories, and her dog Shadow was by her
side. But then came the bill collectors.Years before, LaRocca almost died from a
drug-resistant bacterial infection she contracted at a local hospital. She was
billed $3,676 for antibiotics that insurance refused to cover. For some that���s
chump change, but the debt was overwhelming for a 74-year-old woman on a meager