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MRSA site (wrist). OR only option due to prior infarctions and 2/3-atrophied heart.
He specs: ""no intubation."" Anesthesiologists refuse; he/family admit to hospice,
meds stopped, he dies 4 days later. 18 months later is the first time I learned
that (a) DNRs are suspended during surgery; (b) life support reintroduction is
allowed anywhere from 2-48 hrs post op (via consent form���we'd not been
presented w/one); [c] the existence of the phrase/option ""time-based trial"".So,
our options under Dad's autonomy were foreclosed but due to nondisclosure of
relevant policies and options.""Please find the time to watch this very informative
presentation.The Affordable Care Act - After the Supreme Court Decision""Medical device maker Medtronic Inc edited health journal
articles and paid doctors millions of dollars for company-sponsored studies of its
Infuse bone-grafting product used in spinal surgery, according to a U.S. Senate
report published on Thursday."Someone once told me to not use a new drug until it
has been on the market for at least 5 years. I'm thinking it's safer to make that
10 years. This is just another example of why.The amount of time a drug has been on
the market is no guarantee if it is used off label (not for its original purpose).
Apparently that is not the case with Medtronic; just gaming the system to it own
advantage."Garrick Sitongia, maybe extend that time way out. There is a group of
antibiotics, been around for over 2 decades, lots of them have been pulled or
banned. Some are still being used, black doctor in my area
'knows'(clueless they say) abut the BB..... if one is given a RX for this - you get
a copy of it from the pharmacy - but a hospital - not so lucky. You won't be
consulted. If things go badly as the manufacturer says can especially if used
concomitant with certain other drugs that intensify the risks of permanent
damages(mega doses). The reporting is done by FDA, the hospital knew I had an
event, it was recorded for two days -but they did not tell me. They released me
crippled telling me I had a bad infection - terrible - painful, quality of life
gone. No watch dog agency will report - long story. Oh, after the lack box was
placed - usage tripled - it can attack every organ in your body and it is not rare.
They just don't report it.""Michelin Anderson, one should always check
prescriptions on the Internet for side effects and lawsuit activity. Just put the
drug name and the word lawsuit into the search engine and see how many hits there
are for the combination.""One can't do that in a hospital, deaf. Also, you don't
get treated like a hearing person - I am late deafened. Night and day change in
attitude. I had no support; half the staff thought I was hoh or retarded since I
did not respond to them talking and I did tell them I was deaf but it throws people
when you speak. Not been on any medication for over a decade and had always checked
prior. Once you take this - it's in your DNA - cascade effect usually but mine was
immediate and they did not listen to me. They refused me my records for a while it was weird - I know my rights. It was a nightmare til I found out the drug that
had been given to me - except the only cure for some is surgery and pain pills.
By the second day I could not walk. All so unnecessary. It is really hard to come
here and other blogs and read about what is happening to people - it's pretty
flagrant and the reason is also flagrant. When I read about the great idea of
putting the onus on the patient to be responsible - I shutter. It is very
important to make people aware but they have been brainwashed and, while I
understand it - I will never shut up. In this area there is a joint venture being
put together - doctors investing in expanding the hospital. Most of us here on this
blog have experienced total push-back from the agencies
charged with patient safety. I want my life back - not a lawsuit. Where did
common sense and decency go?"Michelin Anderson - you put a lot in a nutshell. A
major summary of what a lot of us here have experienced. It can take a newly
injured naive person a couple of years to finally see the big picture. I think the
common sense and decency left when psychopaths were hired to manage hospitals.
Sorry to be so cynical."As I have been known to mention implications of ALEC
sponsorship and involvement by medical corporations to limit liability, I have
found that Meditronic has been a member but dropped out this year."There is no
trust for the medical device companies to lose. They squandered their credibility
to buy market share. Patient harm exposes the evil truth.The evil truth is