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about the medical mistake your daughter and your family suffered, but thank you for
sharing your story. The video is really touching and I hope others watch it.""Hi
Tim Gort, you have a beautiful family and such sweet daughters. I really sensed the
love you all share. Thank you for the courage to open your home and hearts to
everyone."I am so sorry for your loss. The loss of hopes and expectations and a
certain future.Thanks all. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you."Query
for doctors/researchers: I have new original work which I'm considering submitting
for peer review publishing, which I've never done before. I don't know if an entity
like NEJM or JAMA would even run a piece by a lay person through a peer review
process; in the NEJM world it seems that the categories under which I might submit
are perspective, special report, sounding board, occasional note. The piece would
include 1 figure, 2 if possible.I'm concerned about future use. I see that NEJM
says it'll own the copyright to the work. I cannot put myself in a position to be
locked out of future use, development, and presentation of this work, and this is
the crux of my question. What are medical industry norms around publishing? You
guys publish studies all the time. How do you manage intellectual property rights
and ongoing refinement and presentation of work published in these journals?"Is it
something that would work for the Journal on participatory medicine?Thx D I'll
check it out.
%2Egde_154079_member_170659515#axzz27yiFTHZK"Somewhat helpful are sites that report
consumer reviews of doctors such as However, in my experience, finding
a doctor with five stars won't help if you are looking for a doctor to tell you the
truth about your medical injury. Highly rated doctors demonstrate ethical amnesia
along with the rest.""As often happens, I thought that link was about VA
hospitals as in the Dept of Veterans Affairs. It should be noted that Va in this
instance is Virginia."We were just glad to get a story
out.Here's the post version. It appears to be going
national: five and hugs Debra and DH - brava!! Going to read at
both links.I have been posting it on Ken Cuccinelli's site and he keeps removing
To bad amanda joint commission isn't still here. Joint Commission had no
problem too.It's great this story was finally published! Thanks for sharing Debra.
Hope some good comes from it.... Your family has suffered more than enough."Yeah, I
think that the Joint Commission should explain why they had no problem with this."
"Veronica, according to Linkedin, Amanda's job/position includes ""Monitoring
*social media outlets*, while *creating*/pushing out engaging campaigns or
messaging that promotes a* positive reputation for TJC*."" Tells us a lot I think!
Could say a whole lot here but I won't....""We talk, you listen. Can't put lipstick
on a pig.""No one with TJC will answer a true complaint - not in their policy
manual. Other wise, the US would be overtaken by herds of pigs wearing lipstick."We
keep posting it on Ken Cuccinelli's site and he keeps pulling it off.Cuccinelli is
outspoken on pro-life issues... makes me wonder why he's not concerned about your
mother being starved to death in a Virginia hospital. I guess he's pro-'birth'
rather than pro-'life'."I am preparing to post the link with a question over
there(KC) myself. You have to have certain zips and area codes. I shall get it
done, maybe not tonite tho.This published article is very encouraging and solid
proof that dedicated people with a ton of wherewithal (knowledge, equilibrium)
can accomplish media support -I salute all here who do take up the mantle, even
though in many cases their loved one is gone. What you do may save many others."
The reason he does not care is that Virginia sponsored a $350 million bond issuance
in favor of Inova while Virginia was 'investigating'. Jobs are clearly a higher
priority over involuntary euthanasia."I'm just making the point that politicians
like him say they are pro-life but aren't. If he were truly pro-life, he would care
deeply about what happened to your mother - all of it! I don't understand why