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types of surgeries, that he could do them with his eyes closed. I recently found an
article about him, and it said that he was completing his training the the hospital
where he harmed me. So, in reality, I was used as part of his training. He lied to
my face about everything."That is terrible June. I think I just ran head-long into
a broken system but not corruption on a face to face level. Avoidable mistakes as
far as I know. I hope things improve for you."No Mark. Things will never improve
for me. For over 7 years I've suffered numerous complications because of severe
internal damage. and to get blacklisted on top of that is unconscionable. Read the
article called ""DEADLY MEDICAL PRACTICES"" by Trudy Newman. Much of what was
written in that article happened to me firsthand. And I had nothing wrong with the
organs and lymph nodes mutilated out of me. The morining after he did the
operation, the doctor who threatened me into immediate surgery by saying I had
cancer, came in with a smug look on his face and said I was as clean as a whistle.
That I had no cancer. All my removed organs were healthy."I'm sorry to hear that
June. I had a long series of iatrogenic events. My doctor got fired and my case
got transferred to another clinic."Thanks Mark. Seems like most of us here, have
had a long series of iatrogenic events, and millions more trusting, unsuspecting
patients will no doubt be added to that list in the future, because nobody stops
these dangerous practices, you can mark my words on that.""Yes yes, did you know my
lawsuit lasted 3 AND HALF YEARS. Then we had to quit because we went broke."
"That's why I didn't, Michelle. The doctors who harmed me covered their tracks too
well, and I had no chance in hell of winning, even though they committed criminal
and negligent malpractice. I tried so hard to get my story out to the public,
because I didn't want this to happen to another woman. But nobody would listen, and
the media took the side of the doctors, so all I could do was say a prayer for any
woman who came into contact with these bad doctors, and hope they listen to their
intuition and run."I hear you! Same here. But there has to be a way!Please visit
tuned for show on Thursday"Deidre, thank you for the opportunity to be on your show
to discuss ALEC and it's impact on health care."you are welcomed anytime join in
the conversation we welcome your thoughts"How Payment and Governance Regulations
are Changing Medicine.An op-ed published in The American College of Surgery���s
'Surgery News'
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"""One patient created a graph showing
that every time his primary care physician knew about appointments he had with
other physicians, those
appointments did not result in diagnosis or treatment. All those physicians
pretended to be helping, but eventually workers in one physician's office let him
know that his primary care physician called them and told them not to diagnose or
treat his injuries.[15] They were protecting the physician who caused the
injuries.""""I believe this is one reason that the defense demands a list of the
plaintiff's doctors. In my case, the defense even found out about doctors I saw but
didn't disclose to them; like a gynecologist in Kentucky - not Ohio where I live
and where my case is filed. I saw one doctor who was initially nice to me,
listened, performed tests I needed, etc. Then suddenly, he turned into someone I
didn't recognize - throwing my chart at me during one visit. I went to him for
swollen glands in my neck and he told me to quit making appointments for conditions
that don't exist. The swollen glands were beyond obvious. People at work were
commenting on them... Another time, I made an appointment with an endocrinologist
who told his receptionist to tell me he wouldn't see me. She asked me to leave in
front of a waiting room full of people. Until being harmed by unnecessary
hysterectomy, I never experienced anything remotely like this. I know others here
have experienced the same and worse.""I would like to say this doesn't happen, or
doesn't happen often, but I've talked to enough living donors in the past four
years to know that it does - far too often.""I would like to say it doesn't happen
even while it was happening to me. I tried to look for alternative explanations.
But after all that good faith effort, all I am left with is overwhelming evidence
that doctors really do treat me that way because of my medical injury.""This is
what is happening to me. I could make my own graph. No tests or specialist care. I