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The insurance companies pay out -- but it's NOT to the patients harmed. It's to
the defense lawyers who have NO CAPS, can drag a case out for fun and provide. This
is, indeed, cruel and unusual punishment to the harmed patients (and/or their
families).""Carla, I believe you've connected all the dots here... What we have is
a very incestuous and insidious system with regard to doctors, hospitals, insurance
companies, med mal lawyers, etc.""Carla, Elizabeth L. once wrote that they keep all
the money circulating at the top, and only a small part gets to the victim. You
have explained how that works.""I just read in a book called ""The World's Worst
Medical Mistakes. Out of 16,000 incompetent doctors who were making wrong
diagnoses, issuing wrong prescriptions, recommending inappropriate treatment in the
USA, the state licencing boards which were supposed to protect the public against
malpractitioners stuck off a mere 66 each year on average."If you are someone you
know was a victim of a hospital acquired infection please call in on Thursday at
5:00 PM (CST). (646) 652-2105"This really needs more exposure, it is so important
for so many.TRANSPLANT Policies - PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD OPEN UNTIL 12/14/2012 The
OPTN, which was established by Congress and is being operated by a private,
nonprofit entity, is requesting public comment on all open policy proposals
(proposals highlighted in yellow below). All public comments received are
considered by the OPTN prior to approval of any final policy by the OPTN Board of
Directors""This is alarming to learn & needs more Journalism interest.Proposal to
Clarify Priority Status for Prior Living Organ Donors Who Later Require a Kidney
TransplantAffected/Proposed Policy: (Donation Status) and 12.9.3 (Priority
on the Waitlist)Kidney Transplantation CommitteeThis proposal seeks to clarify the
allocation priority assigned to prior living organ donors who later require a
kidney transplant. Current policy is unclear as to whether the priority is to be
assigned in the event that a prior living donor requires a second or third
transplant. This proposal would clarify that the priority is to be assigned with
each kidney transplant registration for prior living organ donors.Affected Groups
Living DonorsTransplant Social WorkersOrgan CandidatesNumber of Potential
Candidates AffectedThis proposal will affect a small number of candidates. Since
1996, there have been 33 prior living organ donors listed for more than one kidney
transplant.Compliance with OPTN Key Goals and Final RuleThis proposal will promote
living donor safety by clarifying that prior living donors who experience kidney
failure will receive additional priority with each kidney registration.""Too many
prospective living kidney donors are told they'll ""go to the top of the list"" if
they need a kidney in the future, which is patently UNTRUE. A living kidney donor
is given four points of priority, which amounts to approximately one year of wait
time. Of equal importance is that this priority is local, not national, because we
don't really have national allocation in the US. This proposed policy simply says
that if a living kidney donor needs a second or third transplant (as transplants
aren't not cures and most recipients need multiple transplants to achieve a
'normal' lifespan), the same four points of priority will be applied each time the
person is listed.""To me there is a bigger problem of promoting kidney donation to
save a life, and then the donor is put at risk. I hear so many people donating do
they truely understand the longterm risk."Of course they don't understand the longterm risk because we don't know the breadth and depth of the long-term risk. Why?
Because no one has bothered to track or study us.Snapshot of a life - a story that
reveals more than an obituary about the person behind the lawsuit."And just think how many exclusions the OIG
would be doing if only hospital etc records were honest, if only Medicare did
quality inspections instead of the Joint Commission and if all Medicare contractors
understood the Regs (the VA QIO has stated to us that in 20 yrs they have never
made a referral to the OIG but rather they have a 'kumbayah' conversation with
the )""have updated Windrum's
Matrix of Dying Terms to what I believe is its final version (3) and edited the
blog post describing it accordingly. The Matrix will help anyone wanting to
differentiate among the many dying pathways in our complex milieu, so as to