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hospital admins.""We should boil them in oil if the patients' death was advoidable
and a result of medical error . . . but you're right Debra Van Putten it might be
too much turn over. But maybe, they would get someone in that cared and ran a
tight ship! Good analogy about slumlords, sloppy food producers . . .""If the
harmed patient was listened to and believed, there would be a lot of unemployed
dangerous doctors, and patients would be much safer. But instead dangerous, and
even struck off doctors continue to cause havoc wherever they go, because they are
protected by the system..One example is Graeme Reeves, ""The Butcher from Bega"" a
gynaecologist who harmed thousands of female patients. Thousands of complaints over
a 12 year period while unlicenced, he caused horrific mutilations to his female
victims. Nobody would listen to the women, so he kept on causing harm to
unsuspecting patients. It was only when a group of women marched into parliament
that the story finally came out....""Just to clarify ProPublica's mention on the
Leapfrog site: we are not affiliated with Leapfrog, but they are referring to us
any patients who contact them with complaints about suffering harm. We appreciate
this very much, because we can document those stories in our Patient Harm
Questionnaire, which many of you have completed. The questionnaire is a great way
for us to identify individual patient stories and issues to pursue (and yes, we are
pursuing several), and stories to refer to other journalists. It's been a fantastic
tool for this work, so we hope that many people and organizations will refer
patients to it. In case you have not completed it, here's the link:""That's great that you
are getting more information from ""LeapFrog"" Marshall Allen -- our opinions on
this message thread are our own, nothing personal to LeapFrog. We all have our own
axe to grind with what has happened to us. It's hard to go through, we all process
the pain individually. My stance, in a nutshell:
Money from the insurance carriers DOES go somewhere, but it never reaches the
patients who have been truly harmed. That's why they are insured -- for THEIR
medical malpractice, to compensate and make right by the patient (and/or patient's
Since when did doctor's medical insurance become the means to enrich
the defense firms and their cronies?That's pathetic, humiliating and amazingly
cruel for patients when that light bulb goes on.
We are victims and yet, no one
hears our voices, which is why I mentioned (in one of my comments above) our
throats are slit . . . we are silenced, one way or the other. There is nothing
being done legally, substantively to help patients who have been victimized by the
games people play. Ring, ring. ring. ""Hello?"" -- Hey Medical Community, it's
for you. It's the 21st Century. They're calling to remind you to GET A CLUE!""."
"Patients will always be harmed while dangerous doctors are allowed to keep
practicing. In 1976, in the USA, certain responsible doctors had carried out their
own investigation of colleagues' work. They reached the conclusion that 5% of all
doctors were unfit to practice. This meant that 16,000 incompetents were merrily
making wrong diagnoses, issuing wrong prescriptions, recommending inappropriate
treatment in the USA. Yet the licensing boards which were supposed to protect the
public against malpractitioners struck off a mere 66 each year, on average....."
"Park was arrested last month after prosecutors say a woman reported waking up to
find her pants down and Park exposing himself during dental treatment. Prosecutors
say three other women with similar claims subsequently came forward.Read more here:""The World's Worst Medical
Mistakes by Martin Fido... We all come into contact with the science of medicine at
some point or another, placing our trust and wellbeing into the hands of doctors,
nurses and drug companies. However, our trust can sometimes be misplaced. Mistakes
can occur, and often on a massive scale, as the tragedy of Thalidomide has shown.
But there is also stories that don't achieve front page publicity - the victims of
the wayward scalpel, of shocking misdiagnoses and of the imposter doctor."
".....MEDICAL INCOMPETENCE..... Medical incompetence had various causes. Some bad
doctors were alcoholics, or had become addicted to their own drugs. Some went on
doing exactly what they had been taught at college, blissfully unaware that medical
science had moved on, and the old ways were now either inadequate or completely