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should be designed so that they may be stress tested without disrupting the current
system operation. The backup system was probably inspected, but not tested.""Hello!
Thanks for admission. Unfortunately I belong in your group many times over after an
almost unbelievable chain of iatrogenic events. In April of 2007 I had hardware put
in my broken left ankle. It broke apart and twisted around a bit. During the
surgery to drill out all the pieces I got a hospital acquired infection. They had
to cut away the dead tissue, irrigate, put new stuff in and try to sew it shut.
They also put a PICC line in my arm to inject myself with antibiotics. The first
try popped something in my ear. The next try was too long and coiled inside my
heart. Third try was supposedly OK. I knew I was having an adverse reaction to
something but no one took me seriously; apparently the admitting physician wrote
that I drank 30 beers a day not the 30 beers a week I told him so they were
convinced I was having withdrawals as I pissed myself and shook and sweated and
hallucinated. My blood pressure was all over the place. Still, they sent me home
and I kept injecting the stuff for 17 days as I got progressively worse until my
arm swelled up and turned purple. I had blood clots all along the PICC line from my
heart to where it came in. I spent a few daze in the ICU. Turns out I had been
given contaminated syringes of heparin. I still had lots more damage though,
including ruptured tendons in my ankle, cartilage lesions that required a cartilage
transplant, a broken blood vessel in my foot, giant swollen veins that needed to be
removed, and a whole lot of other problems from head to toe including insane
headaches, intense anxiety, auditory hallucinations ringing in the ears and on and
on and on. I just figured that the dirty needles had done all this damage until one
day I came across an article in Alternet about a class of antibiotics called
fluoroquinolones and the long list of 'symptoms' like ruptured ankle tendons fit me
exactly. I knew immediately I had been floxed, the slang term for victims of these
drugs, in my case Levaquin. Cipro and Avelox are the other big two but there were
plenty more until they were banned, and once these ones are banned they have more,
new ones waiting to be released. These drugs should only be used as a last try
rather than as a first choice as they are now. The executives of Bayer and Johnson
& Johnson know damn well what they are doing to us; not only selling a drug that
might hurt us, rather, they are counting on it to hurt us so we buy more pain
relievers, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, sleeping aids, antibiotics, and so on.
These men and women belong in prison for the rest of their lives and I won't rest
until I see justice. Best wishes to all of you with whatever troubles you are
facing!""right on, Mark""The serial string of errors and incompetence that some of
us experience could be a slapstick script for a Three Stooges show if it wasn't so
sad, immoral and deadly.""Exactly, except for disaster in medical care just isn't
funny. I will write a book about it though. Or am writing one."Thats what I did was
wrote a book about my experience and hopefully it will wake up some people out
there that could use the support. I was cringing reading your chain of events that
you just want to push pause at some point and it just keeps going. Keep spreading
the words! So Sorry that you belong to the same club as I."So sorry at what
happened to you Mark. As I've said over and over again. We put our trust that
doctors have our best interest at heart, and only after we have been harmed by
them, and the revictimization in the aftermath of that harm, do we realize how
broken the system truly is.""Hi Mark A Girard, thanks for sharing your story. I
couldn't help but be reminded of this article by Kerry O'Connell as I read your
account:""Also, Mark A
Girard and others - please share your story with us at ProPublica, so we can better
investigate these various matters:"If only we all had known then what we know now.they put me on
leviquin also an i had a bad reaction to it also i just stopped taking it!"I once
had a reaction to geodon? and it made me feel like the flu, body aches, temp,
shakes and so I told him and he said well let's just try it again to make sure. No
offense Doc but let's not and say we did.""Dr Mendelsohn said the same thing
Michelle. Just say you'll obey the doctor, but go home and do what you know is best
for you."I've done that many times Michelle."Thanks everyone. Marshall Allen,
thanks for sharing that story with me; I can see why my story reminded you of this