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to perform ""due diligence."" I resent that you're suggesting the burden should be
equally placed on patients. Not only are they ill, but you actually belive it's
fair to the patient to put a new burden of responsibility on them? Last time I
checked, patients aren't going to the doctor/seeking medical care and treatment
because they feel good. So you're saying that patients who are ill need to muster
up strength to prevent a medical error from occuring?!? Seriously?""I'm sorry to
know you're sick and that you resent my opinion. Not everyone has the family,
friends or professional Patient Safety Advocates available to help with their care.
Yes, I'm suggesting that the patient, as much as they are able, and their close
network get involved, a lot. The statistics have shown for years that the average
patient has a 25% chance of being injured by their healthcare and that each
inpatient incurs one or more medication errors per day. A family Advocate need not
be a physician to be effective as your safety proxy.""I wasn't sick Carlo. I was
easy prey for uncrupulous doctors running a surgical racket. They destroyed my
health and my quality of life and disgarded me like a piece of trash. Some doctors
make us sick. I reported it to a number or departments, but they just revictimized
and retraumatized me, so I gave up.""doug, let me remind you that sometimes you
can be hauled by ambulance to whatever third world hell-hole is nearest. and they
may refuse to transfer you. Investigating and all those patient responsibilities
mean nothing when you are taken by ambulance to a hospitall. I think all level I
trauma centers should have a complete colonoscopy level audit by a reputable third
party every year, if not every six months. And even if you are not a critical
patient (1) it is nearly impossible to get honest and specific info. especially
that a doc is ""bad"" (2) if you are sick you likely don't have the time and
energy. I would also note that often docs don't give a hoot about ""input"" and so
you can do all the defensive learning in the world, you still don't have a
prescription pad or order sheet. We told the doctors and hospital what the correct
course of action was for my mom with respect to almost every error they made. They
did them anyway, many of them multiple times, and sometimes pretty much spitting in
our face. We are not going to get anywhere until we get rid of the 10% who are
drunks and sociopaths.""And i will second a comment by Noel Eldridge in one of his
presentations: sick people who are trying to be the safety cop tend to get pretty
emotional when doing so in critical situations, When someone is doing something
that you know and your mom knows is going to kill her, and the other person is
refusing to fix the problem and being a jerk to you to your face, or going behind
your back, it is really pretty difficult on day 10 to treat that person coolly and
dispassionately. The gut response is more akin to something that will draw blood
and hurt-alot. People in that circumstance should not be required to be a bloodless
litigator when dealing the staff -- the staff should be dealing with the problem
because the job of the family is to support the sick person, not be Marcus Welby
I would give anything to have been able to spend with my mother the weeks I
spent busting heads at Inova, to no avail.""We start with a two pronged approach: a
commitment to continuously improve our practices, and a commitment to strip away
our blinders by measuring what we do through the eyes of our customers. Period.
And we work both objectives synchronously. Bad reporting will take care of itself
as practices improve. You can bet the ranch on that."And we will LEARN."I thought the same thing Veronica... Then, I thought that this
girl's family probably doesn't see it that way because they have no idea how much
more horrific their whole nightmare would be if, on top of everything else, the
white wall of silence that so many of us are familiar with went up."Doug's comment
disappeared..."Like you Veronica, I agreed with Doug also."
is scary! Never really thought a lot about how viruses could effect medical
equipment..."Times Square NYC Reuters Billboard on Oct. 9, 2012 for World MRSA
Awareness Month, October. MRSA Survivors Network, the global leader in the fight
against MRSA and HAI's -raising awareness to the MRSA epidemic."It seems as if
October is the month for everything I care about."Oct.2, 1961 was the first time a
UK microbiologist saw MRSA under a microscope, so Oct. 2 is World MRSA Day and
October, World MRSA Awareness Month.""Yes! Staten Island University Hospital is
making its visiting hours more flexible. Article quotes/cites the report by New