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available for your viewing pleasure at$34-Million Dollare Spine
utm_source=twitterfeedThank you for speaking! I was wondering if this group is for
abolishing the MICRA laws in this country? Jessie Geyer/MICRA"I am so glad that I
have found a group that understands just how bad our healthcare has become and the
power of money that backs these horrible nightmares that are one after another, I
have been advocating for so many years and the same stuff is happening except it is
much worse!!!!!"The Spine surgeons are doing much wrong by the way they are
treating patients with devices and instrument (for spine fusions) yet the patients
gain no benefits of it n terms of better quality of life. It has been going on for
20 years now.Exactly right! So glad to hear you speak out!I need people like you
to make a change but it will take all of the ones who know but have not really had
their voice heard!"That's the real tragedy Christer. A lot of these things have
been going on for years and years - even when the truth about adverse side
effects/consequences is 'known'. Thousands upon thousands of innocent and
unsuspecting patients harmed and killed! This is beyond outrageous. Many of the
procedures, surgeries , medical devices, drugs, etc. have KNOWN adverse
consequences and yet, there is 'silence' about it. So, the harm continues...""Its a
sad, sad story that tells a lot about our ways of dealing with life, nature, people
and the planet as a whole. One can only begin where you stand, by showing the
surgeons in a way that they can understand, that is by science. That fusion for Low
Back Pain isnt a good thing to do.""Ohh do I hear you! And since Jessie's death 9
years ago I have been exposed to the most horrific stories of people and little
children killed in such negligent circumstances! OMG! This is my lifes work now
and I need to get the ball rolling somehow and keep it going, and every single
person counts.""I've heard so many horror stories after I was harmed. But most
people who I talked to want to put it behind them, and have no interest in joining
a patient advocate group.""Sadly I have found the same thing however I know by
numbers that there are so many of us out there, it is just a matter of reaching
them in any way we can. When I get my media website I would love to put up your
story and anyone else that would be willing to let me do it for them if they can't.
Why in the heck is this so hard to do?? Because we have to fight the Drug and
Insurance Agencies that have billions at their disposal to make sure we are kept
out of the media.""Thank you so much Michelle. I would really like to have my
horror story told. I'm still in shock at how this can happen in a first world
country, in the 21st century."Oh yes I know! I still shake my head the more I hear
and I still cry for those everytime. If we could talk than I would put your story
on my site and I do have plans with gathering first hand stories that need to be
told and heard from the public. Let me know how we can talk?"My book will be
coming out soon and it is about pain and suffering. It is called Like Shattered
Glass...and it is very rough and a hard read because of the subject, but I want
people to know that I do understand and that we need to help victims instead of
stepping on their necks because of something that we had no idea could or would
happen. MICRA is the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act passed in 1975 going
on 40 years old and it needs to be thrown out. You will not believe that a law
like this exists and in combination with our failed healthcare the combination is
from HELL!"I live in Australia Michelle. I don't know if you are interested in
doing stories on medical malpractice from other countries.It is all the same!And I
would be"Thank you Michelle. It's very hard to put
my story together, as so many appalling things happened before and after I was
butchered. I'd have to leave a lot out as it would fill a book. But I am not very
good at expressing what I really want to say, and I've been vilified by the medical
establishment, so no-one wants to help me. I've only learnt to use a computer 6
months ago, and am only familiar with facebook at the moment, but I will get their
slowly. Thanks again, Michelle.""Could it be that the problem is in large part, how
physicians are trained, mentored, and acculturated to the profession?""You hit the
nail on the head, Terri. In one of the books I read on hazardous medicine there is
a chapter called, ""NEANDERTHAL MEDICINE MEN"" The first 2 pages is an eye opener
and gives you a glimpse into the mentality of the profession. I will write it on