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site: ""��_Statutory obligation for health professionals to disclose & report all
medical errors and in particular any medical error that has harmed a patient.
��_Statutory obligation to give an open, full and honest disclosure of the
occurrence of the medical error, and the extent of damage sustained by the patient
- to the patient and his/her family,��_Statutory obligation to provide genuine
remedial medical care for the iatrogenic victim.��_Statutory obligation to
provide fair compensation in case of serious iatrogenic damage - a Victim's
Compensation Fund.��_Full access and control over medical records, checked by the
patient for accuracy before release onto any Electronic Data Base, including rights
to full copies of all manual and computer coded records.��_Developing national
and international systems of recording medical errors with their route cause
analysis and a statutory obligation to include the patient's experience.""
��_Developing national and international systems of improvements of healthcare by
preventing medical errors."We so need this.If you have pain from damage and
radiology reports are coming back as normal you should be worried those reports are
not legit..I had two tests done and then started to question the reports..I
figured out what was going on..Other reports I found had been amended and they had
gotten rid of the original reports for the purpose of concealment..Now I am stopped
from getting any medical tests done.."I was talking to a nurse after I was
butchered, and she told me they had to sign a confidentiality form, where they were
not allowed to report anything that went on in the hospital, or else they would be
sacked and sued. So is it any wonder that they don't report dangerous doctors. It
has happened already. Read about ICU nurse Toni Hoffman on the web, after she
reported Jayant Patel. And when a doctor blew the whistle on a very well known
Neurosurgeon, he was the one sacked and discredited and his life was so destroyed
that he nearly committed suicide...So you see why nobody reports bad doctors, and
even when they do, like the group of doctors who got together and exposed Professor
Kossman who defrauded Medicare and Private Health Insurances by charging for
operations he didn't do, plus for doing unnecessary operations on accident victims
and performing dangerous surgery way beyond his expertise, he wasn't put in jail.
He was given
a job at a well-known private hospital. Doctors are above the law....""PATIENTS
. . . in the
states that have ""caps"" it should be stautory that: 1) defense lawyers have
""caps"" as well, and ALL states 2) defense lawyers or insurance companies should
be able to settle the case. As it is now, ONLY DOCTORS can ""authorize"" their
insurance carriers to settle. Why should the doctors who have harmed their
patients have this say? It is a conflict of interest. OF COURSE with the deep
pocket insurance companies, why wouldn't doctors just let this illogical system
ride out? Patients CAN NOT file a claim. A patent HAS TO SUE. Then when we do -because we are forced to -- we are targeted as sue happy, and all our cases are
deemed frivilous. This type of system sets it up for the doctors to lie, deny,
obfiscate the truth, with their insurance carriers being used to perputate their
lies and medical cover ups the insurance carrriers are set up to pay the defense
firms -- covering for the sins, their crimes against their patients. This should
be illegal to do. Insurance companies ARE paying out ""compensation"" -- to the
defense firms. There is NO incentive for the doctors to offer a ""settlement"" to
patients they have harmed when they know they have their hired guns paying the
defense firms. Even though most settlements have ""without admitting guilt""
language, doctors just string out the pain and suffering of the patients by NOT
authorizing settlements. It's the Fox guarding the hen house mentality that TRULY
raises the costs. It's the defense lawyers that get the compensation, when it
should be earmarked for the harmed patient.
PATIENTS FIRST!! That why doctors
have insurance. But it doesn't go to patents that have been harmed. It goes to
line the pockets of the Defense lawyers are financially benefitting by this
provision -- e.g., givng the doctors the authority to settle, which they NEVER
authorize. They continue to harm us with this system in place.
Auto insurance is
NOT that way. Homeowners insurance is NOT that way. Only the medical malpratice
insurance is that way. Why? Because it lines the pockets of the defense firms.