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wasn't trying to suggest otherwise! Nursing home inspect just provides a deeper
look at one piece of the issue. (A general search for bed rails, not just
strangulation) actually reveals nearly 1800 violations:
%93&search=bed+rails+&state=ALL&ss=ALL)""Something interesting, that needs
research. I am finding out that many people that have survived kidney removal for
kidney cancer and are now classified Cancer free but now suffering from CKD. How do
drs solve one problem and then create a long term disease that requires dialysis."
"Iatrogenic illnesses ar rampant in the medical profession, but we don't learn that
until we become one of their victims...""Right you are Georjean Parrish. Many
cancer treatments are more deadly than the cancer. Dr. Burzynski doesn't cure all
patients but his cure rate is higher than most and there are no side effects. That
is why he has been repeatedly attacked by the FDA, the NIH and the Texas Medical
Board. If his treatment were to become mainstream then many pharmaceutical
companies wouldn't be able to sell patients on their chemotherapy drugs. And the
scans using gadolinium based contrasting agents are nephrotoxic meaning they can
cause renal insufficiency. Here is the study that shows that gadolinium based
contrasting agents are nephrotoxic.""In Australia, one course of chemotherapy costs
$29,000 dollars. And most chemo patients need more than one course of treatment.
Also chemotherapy can destroy the bone marrow years down the track, causing
patients to need bone marrow transplants. Chemotherapy is not only dangerous, but
is a billion dollar business for the Pharmaceutical company. Is it any wonder that
they don't really want to find a cure for cancer......""If you look up Mary Kelly
Oconnor she has had Kidney cancer and
has been a tireless advocate for patients. She can steer you to some good kidney
cancer groups, I would bet. Mary's website pretty much saved my life, so she is a
good egg of the first order.""How can I edit the post the last words after dialysis
needs to be ""AND TRANSPLANT"" The chain of guaranteed revenue for generations. I
would love to find a journalist/researcher to work on a Cost benefit/health effects
article.""Kidney function naturally decreases with age, but nephrons are also
damaged by sodium, toxins, disease, etc. The reason humans have two kidneys is to
be able to compensate for the nephron loss that occurs over the course of one's
lifetime. Removing a kidney takes away that safety net (otherwise known as 'renal
reserve'), leaving the remaining kidney (and person) susceptible to disease,
damage, toxins, etc . Current medical literature advocates for a partial rather
than full nephrectomy (kidney removal) for tumors whenever possible in order to
salvage nephrons and therefore, kidney function, preventing the advent of CKD. <The irony that this same industry is constantly trying to convince the public that
donating a kidney is safe is apparently lost on them.Keep in mind that chemotherapy
can be damaging to the kidney too. And that transplants aren't cures, but merely
treatments, and that not everyone has an improved quality of life after a
transplant. PS. There are living kidney donors that have ended up on the wait list
in need of their own transplant. Not that the industry likes to admit it....""BTW
OPTN has proposed policies up for public comment, including change to the deceased
kidney allocation policy. I encourage everyone to read it and let OPTN know what
you think:"Here
is additional Living Donor Information - I would never allow my family to put their
quality of life and life expectancy at risk."Survey: American Doctors Splintered
Over Many Ethical Issues"
"Doctors are all too often not the source of a cure but the cause of disease or
disability itself. Arrogance, presumption and plain foolishness have caused some
doctors to persevere with theories and treatments that caused appalling damage and
suffering to their patients."This is an interesting analysis and discussion of this
current reality."This is a good article, I predict that steroids will be the next
addiction crisis in this country. first of all, taken in super-physiologic doses