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and finally gave up on her infection and allowed it to take her life (not
measurable in dollars). Other financial losses of my new friends (and victims)
were, jobs, homes, and VA benefit reductions. So, although most of the victims I
have known do not consider the financial loss the most important part of their
losses, they are significant. Most of them consider loss of their former lives
because of disability their major loss. And survivors consider loss of their loved
ones lives the greatest loss of all.""Thx to all for such important
feedback/comments. Kathy - What was the gist of your MRSA prevention proposals?
Could you post something on that and tell us what you proposed, what you learned,
whether it was successful, etc? Maybe do it as a new post because it's a different
topic, and would probably generate some good discussion and insights by others. I
just talked to some CDC higher ups about this topic and will post on that sometime
down the road.""yes financial crisis but when you go down this road, money means
nothing when your health has been unnecessarily compromised thru no choice of youir
own and those responsible will never be held accountable"When hospitals begin to
advertise and BRAG on BILLBOARDS they are rated as one of the lowest infection
spreading facilities around what have we truly become??Lots of infections come from
the bed from fecal fallout."I got mercury poisoning in 1993 till 2001 because my
dentist kept putting in mercury dental filling after mercury dental filling into my
teeth with each new cavitiy, and by the age of 24 in the year 2000 I had the sum
total of 16 mercury dental fillings. It cost me $900 to get all 16 replaced with
white composite fillings to save my life and my health in 2000. From 1993-2001 I
suffered for eight years with depression, panic attacks and stuttering. I got rid
of my fillings in fall of 2000, and all my symptoms went away in 2001 after I
underwent just three months of detox, (seven months total) starting that January."
"I've had autoimmune disease since childhood, which I now know is from my infant
vaccines and amalgam fillings. I was bedridden for 3 years in high school with
doctors not having a clue what was wrong. My parents spent $10,000 in those 3
years, which would be equivalent to about $70,000 now. My dad owned a small machine
shop and we lived modestly, so this was huge for us. My daughter was injured by the
same things (which is how I put the pieces together for my own health issues). We
spent $30,000 seeking answers. She has been recovered through biomedical treatment.
My son developed Type 1 Diabetes right after a Hep A vaccine at age 21 and it's
estimated his medical bills will total over $1 million over the course of his
life.""The health care industry has become just like the banks. It privatizes its
gains and socializes its losses. So it makes money from performing tests and
procedures and if people are harmed, families and society are left to pick up the
pieces and pay the cost."I'm sharing your words Rosemary. They are so true."I can second many points that have been
made here already by my fellow advocates. Although Lloyd was 36 years old and a
political leader, his lost life time earnings were debated because he worked in the
political arena and they decided that his hard earned handsome salary was not a
given. All one has to do is take a look at what other leaders had to say about him
in tribute on his Facebook page to realize that he was not the type of person who
had to worry about resumes and portfolios. Unlike me who had to look for the next
opportunity, opportunities came to him because everyone wanted him to lead their
team., I lost everything as well. This type of tragic
loss leads one to want to change the system in order to save another���s life.
Hence, why we are all here. The problem is that it is difficult to maintain a
career while trying to create a movement in advocacy. In my case, I am in
California and I work on legislative issues surrounding physician accountability.
California is a big state and all legislative action takes place 400 miles away.
This requires me to board a plane many times at the last minute. How do I compete
with the CMA and the most powerful lobbyists in the state as one woman armed with a
tragic story, a lap top and a data plan. If I am unable to make it to these
meetings, the consumer���s voice is not heard. A couple of weeks ago, a
vocational nursing bill was gutted and replaced with the bill that I have been
advocating against different versions of for the past 4 years. This nursing bill