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Heidi....Also I read in an article that said a survey that was done on women who
had mammagrams yearly for 10 years or more. It said that some women developed
breast cancer, which was caused by the long term use of mammograms."has anyone here
met/heard this gentleman speak? resource over on ProPublica: three
ways to tell your patient harm story. The inspiration for this post came out of the
feedback we got at the Consumers Union summit this week - so thank you!i wish we
had a ste like this in canada"Want to help develop a national agenda for patient
advocates? Please read, comment and share""Women who have watched this video, decide against undergoing a
hysterectomy.""Ten years ago the NIH set out to prove that chelation therapy didn't
work to improve a patient's outcome but the results were not what they expected
even after the study was tampered with it still showed those with heart disease
were slightly better off than those that received the placebo. NIH Trial Gives
Surprising Boost To Chelation Therapy""I wrote about this study a year ago. It's a
particularly good study, but for some odd reason (sarcasm), just kinda disappeared.""They did a survey in two towns in a Sweden, I think. One town
where they did mammagrams, they found a number of women had breast cancer. The town
where they did not do mammagrams had no breast cancer. Since the breast is very
sensitive to radiation, the mammagram has caused the breast cancer it is supposed
to detect..""The study showed something highly significant - that early detection
probably isn't such a good thing. Many, likely most, breast cancers - even advanced
invasive ones, like those investigated in this study - naturally heal without doing
anything. Therefore, early detection could be making things much worse.""I agree
Heidi. In my case I had 12 MRIs and became very sick from the gadolinium based
contrasting agents, gadolinium is a toxic metal and they are still injecting it
into patients. I don't have cancer but I do have four autoimmune disorders and and
undiagnosed case of gadolinium-induced fibrosis which the medical community
ignores. The manufacturers that are/were being sued paid for the diagnostic
guidelines so only those close to death can get a diagnosis. And the lawyers and GE
forced settlements on the victims that were well below the damage they caused. Our
system is so screwed up. I intend to get involved and change that.""Consumers Union
Patient Safety Advocates write letter to The Joint Commission pushing for
transparency, timeliness and accountability to patients when filing complaints."Can
additional consumer patient advcocates sign on?"This reminds me of the incredible
anger I had at the denial by the medical center who butchered my nose with an
improper surgery, how intense the betrayal of trust is. The hospitals get our trust
by getting labeled with accreditation (accreditation --> credentialed -->
credible).It was not just the improper surgery injury, but their denial of the
injury no matter how obvious that my nose is structurally damaged. Then they lose
my medical record, and somehow prevent other doctors from telling me the truth and
thereby prevent any help reaching me. The extreme double standard of how such an
institution can commit crimes against my human rights, followed by continuing to
insert themselves in between me and outside doctors like a bully or crime
syndicate, while holding an accreditation is the most backward corruption of truth
and justice I have imagined. The message is, ""We're bigger than you so we can do
anything we want to you. And we're accredited so we tell any other authority what
to believe.""""Accreditation, board certified no longer have any meaning. Nor does
'consult your physician'. This disdain was earned through personal experience at a
great cost which was life altering. Not just my words but my medical records. If
any WHO reports are based on TJC or DHHS data, then they are meaningless.I never
imagined TJC as being international and I do not have any faith they are less
corrupt in other countries. This is global maim and murder incorporated. I did note
that the spokesperson for TJC said they ""are not able to respond"" to their letter
listed in the article. That's TJC style shining through - flick any questioning
off.""I'm sorry but 'write a letter' to the Joint Commission??? Don't make me