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good question to put to the panel that Blair is bringing together.ok let me knowHer
post is about 11 or 12 down from this one. You need to post in there.I am"Freedom
of Information sent me out my medical records for free (Australia), but the
contents was full of falsehoods and fabrications. No wonder the complaints depts.
didn't believe my story.""My husband has had all
the mercury removed from his mouth- when they do that- it can weaken the
surrounding tooth, as they have to drill all of it out...which results in root
canals!""Amalgam fillings split my teeth and then I had these damaged molars over
drilled and gold crowns filled with amalgam - then a few root canals and now last
week had a molar extracted because of infection - had to take amoxicillan but also
am taking probiotics, supplements, chlorella,cilantro etc. and eating well. I am
NOT amused with those health professionals I trusted for too many years!""When I
was 19, a dentist said I needed 21 fillings. I didn't know any better then so I
allowed it. In reality, I only needed 2 fillings. The teeth he didn't touch are
still healthy today, 46 years later. He destroyed my teeth for personal gain."
"Paramedics arrived a short time later, but they couldn't save her. Nor could staff
at the hospital. Katherine, age 27, was brain dead. Nobody said anything to me,
said Patricia Dawkins, who didn't learn her daughter was in trouble until after the
ambulance had pulled away from the back of the building. I asked the girl at the
desk, Is something wrong?'""Despite admitting responsibility, in the words of his
settlement, Choi bargained with the Dental Board and received three years of
probation and remedial education without any restrictions on his practice. Choi
continued seeing patients and administering anesthesia as though nothing had
happened. He still has a license today.""792,012 others like this read/sign...THOUSANDS OF
Signed petition Tina! Please sign mine @
_and_lawmakersThank you Robin Karr!"These errors kill the equivalent of four jumbo
jets' worth of passengers��_ every week, Dr. Makary says, and this is likely a
conservative estimate.""They've tried to kill me over and over again but I'm Tough,
Tough with a capital T!""As a newbie here my first thought is that improved
electronic record management has got to be somewhere near the top of the list of
ideas as to how to reduce these horrible numbers. I would also say that the system
needs to pay far more attention to what the patients are saying and experiencing. A
new level of transparent electronic information management where everyone in the
loop has access to the information would go a long way towards solving these
problems. Instead of trying to convince one doctor after another after another that
all these problems started the same day, the day I took Levaquin, instead I would
go to the Levaquin page and click the boxes for the symptoms I was experiencing,
like spontaneous tendon rupture, cartilage lesions, hematomas, blood clots, bloated
blood vessels, and so on. As a patient I would be able to read what the doctor had
written as I have had very bad experiences due to mistakes into what doctors have
written.I'm sorry but my experience is that the system is horribly broken and
failing miserably at doing anything except extracting money from the people. The
drug companies are beyond immoral and doing far more harm than good. In fact, it is
a reasonable proposition that more people would live longer healthier happier lives
if we closed them all down and stopped giving anyone any drugs for any reason. We
have gone to the side of over medication to the point we are shortening lifespans
and causing tremendous amounts of misery. The executives at the companies
bamboozling doctors into believing their crap as safe all belong behind bars. The
stuff isn't safe. It isn't even close to safe."Hi agian Mark I understand"What happened to me was a deliberate racket run by unscrupulous
doctors looking for easy prey to experiment on. The doctor who lied, bullied and
threatened me into this radical mutilations, told me he'd done hundreds of these