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previously healthy population into the risk category. This explains why on two
recent checkups, my BP of 120/80 was used as justification to try to invoke anxiety
about my health situation, and the second the nurse practitioner acted worried and
concerned and I was given a prescription for a statin. One must consider the side
effects of having a BP 120/80 versus the long term side effects of taking statins,
including the financial downside.""Thanks for sharing, Cristy Wright. An important
piece. I also wanted to make sure everyone had seen Retraction Watch, a blog that
tracks retractions from different journals. It's run by the executive editor of
Reuters Health and the managing editor of Anesthesiology News:"What do people do when you reach a point of
saving gone and live on a fixed income and can't afford rx and dr bills and not to
mention abdominal binder and spanks my surgical incisions all have huge hernias.
Medical providers and the media - an unhealthly alliance about to be exposed.
http://www.answersforlisa.blogspot.comThis will be show to remember."Please join
our candlelight walk and vigil in memory of children who will never again be coming
home for Christmas.
We will gather at the northwest corner of Dundas Square on
Thursday December 13th 2012 at 6 pm and walk to the headquarters of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario at 80 College St. The CPSO is the selfregulating body for the medical profession. Its mandate is to ""serve and protect
the public interest."" We feel our children died because of medical negligence
involving toxic/lethal pharmaceutical effects. We complained to the CPSO. Our
complaints were dismissed. We feel the College of Physicians and Surgeons of
Ontario did not take adequate disciplinary action.
We feel the CPSO protected
their own. We feel the CPSO is no longer committed to patient safety and is no
longer capable of serving the public interest. We want the CPSO investigated and
replaced by an independent organization not controlled by physician members. We are
the Coalition for Physician and Surgeon Oversight. Read our horror stories at Share your own story. Take action. This vigil is our first public
event. If you want to change the way the College of Physicians and Surgeons
conducts itself, join our walk and vigil. Dundas Square is at the southeast corner
of the intersection of Yonge St. and Dundas St.E. in Toronto. The College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is at 80 College Street, 2 blocks east of Yonge
Street and 4 blocks north of Dundas Square. Please bring a candle, a flashlight or
a lantern. Some of us will carry posters."Good summary introduction on this topic
in NY Times."There are many ways in which medicine
and its practioners can become corrupted and fail to serve their clients. Not least
is the tendency to uphold the established order and to find ""scientific"" reasons
for doing so. This tendency is virtually inherent in all regulatory organisations
and, as these increased in numbers and power, it was to become an important trend
during the nineteenth century. As the profession became more organised and
knowledgable, weakness, bigotry, greed, power-seeking, hypocrisy and corruption in
doctors were increasingly focused on women. The medical profession developed in a
way that was particularly harmful to women. It usurped their traditional function
of the care of the sick. It changed this function to suit itself, with far-reaching
consequences, both for better and for worse. It used
this unique position much less to improve the health of women than to enhance its
own power. It used, and often grabbed at, women as patients in order to consolidate
and support itself.....Further, some doctors perverted scientific knowledge to
their own ends and added the weight of their ""expertise"" to the perversions of
others..""I have no doubt in my mind that the doctors who harmed me perverted
scientific knowledge, by fabricating I had cancer, to exploit me for personal
gain....""Fun stuff scientists like to think up"This might be a good one for the ProPublica reporters to
look at. Maybe the various company stockholders would be interested...This is a
wonderful satire. Universal healthcare is a solution."Good satire. But if they
carried it out, if air travel REALLY worked like health care, one plane per day
would have gone down with all passengers, err I mean patients on board.""The