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my response. I hope that I can help you and your team see the hurt that people are
feeling."Elizabeth, I am sorry to hear that. I believe that they want to hear what
you say and it is ok to let them know how you were hurt, what they don't want is
putting things on the site that makes others feel uncomfortable. I believe that you
can tell your story, share your pain, share your experiences and then ask them to
help you solve that problem. I am like you in that I will not sugar coat what
happened, because you are right the boards are not doing anything to help curtail
this problem. What happens when we are hurt we tend to bring in the feeling part,
but we have to put the feeling aside, tell the truth and ask for ways to change
this. When we work together in harmony we make changes. What we want is the
assistance of doctors, politicians, nurses and others to help us make change.""I
must say something to those who write on other peoples pages. If someone else
agenda does not fit your agenda then one must make a conscious decision to find one
that does. If the developer of the page gives a request what they want to see
happen on their site then one must respect that right. We can not change other
people visions. Your vision is yours and other peoples vision is theirs so if the
platform does not fit, find one that does. Not a form of disrespect but just a
right. Hope that helps.""Frederick Lury, DMD, whose office is at 1090 Toll Gate
Road in Warwick, was in the process of selling his practice with intent to retire,
when his office was found to have ""misbranded narcotics and an expired solution""
during an inspection on September, 2012."Too many Dentists On
Probation that are disciplined with a short suspension but licenses quickly
reinstated with probation REPEAT their harmful pattern to unsuspecting
patients...Dental Boards MUST provide information to the unsuspecting patients of
DENTISTS ON PROBATION"Prescription pain killers connected the dots, and all were
prescribed by the same doctor noted in the L.A. Times article. But the doctor is
not responsible for what happens when patients leave the office with a prescription""So
if it was bogus, how come there was no physician discipline? Really?""Turns out
some of these parties were funded by a bogus cancer charity that she set up with
her doctor husband, Scott. """"Dr. Stanley West who wrote the book ""The
Hysterectomy Hoax"" attended a US gynaecological seminar on the subject of medical
economics. It provides an insight into the business attitudes of some
professionals. The topic was how to care for women in order to maximise fees. The
experts who led the discussion reminded us that gynaecologists make most money by
performing surgery, and that the highest fees we can generate come from
hysterectomy. With that in mind, we were urged to ""cultivate"" our patients
carefully. Initially their care would require advice on contraception. Then, in the
normal course of events, we would supervise our patients' pregnancies and deliver
their babies. Once a patient had completed her family, we were advised to plant the
idea that she might some day need a hysterectomy. The culmination of their years of
care would be the hysterectomy, after which no further gynaecological oversight
would be necessary. With proper planning, the advisers suggested, each year of
practice would produce a lucrative 'crop' of women ripe for hysterectomy.""This is
horrifying. I have long wondered whether the outrageous C-section rates in this
country are motivated by profit. Physicians say women request C-sections, but in
doing so they abdicate their (usually closely-held) position as commanders of all
things health-related. They pretend it's the woman's fault for asking for a Csection.""Of course they are motivated by profit Teresa. 90% of all gynaecological
procedures are unnecessary, and you only have to read the dozens of books on
unnecessary hysterectomies and dangers of modern medicine to know that. ""The
Hysterectomy Hoax"" by Dr. Stanley West is a good book to start with. Also ""Women
Under the Knife: A gynaecologists Report on Hazardous Medicine"" by Dr. Herbert
Keyser, explains how some unscupulous gynaecologists use the cancer scare, among
other things, to coerce women into unnecessary hysterectomies. He calls it fraud.
He calls D & C's (curettes) Dollars and Cents....""For those Affected or
Interested, an Excellent piece on the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak on PBS This Eve,