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liability/tort reform. Didn't make it. This year.Takes a while to dig through
alecexposed but you can be sure that efforts in your state based on ALEC models are
being put forward. The success of those bills are usually predicated on how many
state legislators are members of ALEC.A very sad component of this is that
corporate financial sponsorship (some of which can be substantial) is currently tax
deductible for the corporations as ALEC portrays the organization as a educational
organization; not a lobby."God help Oregon: stay germane with
this particular FB group: here is where ALEC focuses their current interests on
healthcare issues
thanks for the pdf up above. I urge you all to send this information to your news
media in your state. let them see what they are doing behind our backs. keep
sending it daily until someone takes notice"I am in California. My daughter was
killed from 100% preventable medical error, I had a trial. The hospitals here are
so well protected. The MICRA law, the $250,000 cap, since 1975, that makes it
almost useless to go to trial, all add up to the conclusion, as a patient in a
hospital, if something goes wrong, you really have no recourse. The ripple effect
on my family is unimaginable, and I am not alone. I would be thrilled with an
apology at this point."I am so sorry Lenore to hear about your loss ; apology
probably will not happen because they do not want anyone to know. How long ago has
it been since your daughter passed away?Today would be her 21st birthday. she died
december 15 2002"I am so sorry; my daughter passed away February 14, 2011 due to
medical negligence. You are right the system has created a manipulative tactic in
getting away with negligence. I am fighting hard and I am working on something
that I hope will bring justice for all that have been hurt by this. Keep me up in
prayer that God will open the doors that I need to get this out. I am praying for
you today in hope that God can give you peace. I had a rough day today myself but
I'm pushing through. Please send me your story to""The US has no long-term living
kidney donor data - but the Swiss do, and it isn't great."Wow.Wow is right. many women have fallen prey to this... especially the millions
of women who have lost bone health via hysterectomy!I need you to call in tonight
and ask questions."Diedre, at some point I wish you would do a show on the impact
of ALEC and corporate sponsorship of state legislation. While ALEC's tenecles
reach far and wide, there are direct implecations for health care such as
limitations on deregulation of health, Pharma and Insurance industries, weaking
public health, limiting accountability oif companies for liability, privitizing
medicaid/medicare and opposing health care reform.There is a lot of information on
ALEC in previous posts in this forum and if you need any other information just ask
and there are several of us who can help you."that sounds great Robin will be on
next Thursday so lets do the 18th will that be OK. If so send me your email address
to"Deirdre, is your show tonight at 5 central time instead
of 7? Want to be sure and listen!""Will do. If you haven't already seen the Bill
Moyers special this last weekend, here is the link. are documents
and other information on the earlier post for your reference but view the show. It
specifically discusses the trail of Glaxo's support of ALEC which influence
legislation limitiing liability in the state of NC.""Hi Robin-Yes the time changed
due to conflicts, so we will remain at 5:00 PM (CST). To Cary thanks I briefly
looked at it for it was only a snippet but I am going to click on link now."Thanks
Deirdre!Cary how can I get in contact with the attorney in the docDidn't come from
an attorney. Came from Center for Media and Democracy at I'm sure
that someone from CMD would be glad to be on your show.thank you"Deirdre, were you
able to get in touch with anyone from CMD and ALECexposed?""Cary I talked with
alecexposed, do you know any information about ALEC- I want someone to talk on the
show Thursday""Who did you talk to at ALEC? They are extremely busy right now. It
tends to get lost in the national politics but there are many ALEC influenced bills