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also heard about the website called ""Doctors know US"". I could not get a
requisition to get an MRI of my spine where I live. A relative helped me get the
MRI of my spine. Last year I was denied a bone scan after I was told by a private
clinic I could get it done. No justification to deny the bone scan because I had a
copy of my MRI spine and X-ray with me showing 10 findings in total.. I was told
by a GP i need to see an endocrinologist but the doctor I had to go to said it was
not needed as he knows all about the thyroid.. I had untreated thyroditiis in my
teens and early 20's..This was a misdiagnosis so they won't send me to the
endocrinologist so I cannot get anything official in writing. Even with test
results to confirm it. I have a distended abdomen and I am in pain..I suspect I
have an enlarged liver but I cannot get any medical tests done.. I have complained
about the pain to a few GP's. It really does not matter to them. I know this and
understand exactly what they are doing!! One doctor looked at his computer and
turned to me and asked me if I was bringing a lawsuit. This is how they warn each
other..Where is the privacy that we patients are suppose to have.. IMO that does
not exist either..I learned a long time ago that my records were being illegally
accessed..""Some of the
comments on the site via the above link are very disturbing... I guess most people
just won't see the truth until they experience what we have. I didn't say in my
other comment but the doctor who threw my chart at me eventually refused to see me
also. Before he told me to find another doctor, he told me that his diagnosis for
me was 'irritable bowel syndrome'. When I asked him how I could have this with no
symptoms, he said 'Since we don't know what's wrong with you, that's going to be
the diagnosis"". He laughed. I should also mention that the reason I was looking
for another doctor in the first place was because the one who unnecessarily and
illegally removed my healthy organs told me to find a another doctor. He told his
nurse to tell me I had too many problems since the surgery... People who have not
gone down this road to hell have no idea what it's like.""if you are sent to the ER
to rule out and diagnose septic knee and then they tell you, your child is fine,
she just has a flu like virus in her knee and then 2 days later on Halloween she
goes suddenly into shock and is dead within hours and you find out the ER did NOT
rule out or do the proper tests and you believe them when they say she is ok! Then
she is gone! What do you do???"@Michelle Septicemia and Meningitis are often
labeled as the flu in the ER and the person is sent home. From what I have read
this is very common..That's so outrageous KariAnn! Wouldn't you think doctors would
know the difference between flu-like symptoms and something as serious and lifethreatening as Septicemia and Meningitis? I do!!yes but if you are diagnosed that
and sent by a pediatrician to the ER doc then should the doctor do the proper tests
to rule it out??The stories of Misdiagnosis are endless.. People who have red or
purple spots do NOT have the flu. No idea how they missed and dismiss these obvious
signs..."Why say you did something when you obviously did not? Why not offer
another solution like say you no this can be serious and I dont think it is that so
you might want a second opinion, or something to alert me that everything is just
am sorry but we disagree.So sorry for your loss Michelle.Thank you and I do
understand that these problems we have in our healthcare system are endless and
when you have been on the recieving end of a nightmare it just changes your whole
attitude and emotions for people like me. I just want to make a change!"The link
above by Tee Rhudy is scary. The company tracks patients who ever filed a lawsuit
against a doctor and makes the list available to doctors so they can reject those
patients. They might expand that to compiling lists of patients who filed a
complaint with a state medical board. Although it is not public information,
members from all states could report a patient who filed a complaint with a state
medical board. The patient could move to another state and be blacklisted for
having filed a complaint. Also, there is no reason why a doctor couldn't report
patient complaints from years past, so any of us who filed a complaint could
sometime in the future be blacklisted by some doctors from that.""We put our trust
in doctors, and when they betray that trust the results can be devastating. I know,
because it happened to ne firsthand.""How can treatment of terminal cancer be