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That's why we are less than warm and fuzzy crowd.""Hey Debra Van Putten,
let's hold off on calling out other members of the group, please. (And yes, I guess
I'm ""calling you out"" here, but I'm only doing so because it's impossible for me
to message you privately.) I know you're passionate about these topics, and you
bring a lot of knowledge to the comments you make, so please do not misunderstand
me. But I would appreciate it if you would refrain from getting overly aggressive
with other members of the group. It's not the type of thing that's most likely to
lead to the type of constructive give and take dialogue that will be most
beneficial to the group.""The doctor who was struck off in America, came to
Australia and given the position of ""Director of Surgery"" was bringing in loads
of money to the hospital. At one time, he didn't have a bed for a patient he wanted
to operate on, so he went over to a patient on life-support and pulled the plug and
said to the nurses, ""Now we have another bed"".......... I revered doctors. I
trusted them. I put them on top of the list as trustworthy and having our best
interest at heart. My trust was so misplaced, and I paid the most horrendous price
for believing in doctors.""@June - We all have and nobody seems to understand when
you place that kind of TRUST in a doctor, and it is BETRAYED, that itself is a harm
that isn't easily erased. Especially when they are unaccountable and unresponsive."
"Most of the people in this group understand the ultimate betrayal by the very
people who took the oath, FIRST DO NO HARM. I'm so glad that in this group, I don't
feel like I'm screaming in the wind. I feel that we are kindred spirits who have
been devastated by a system that destroyed our health, or the health of someone we
love. And the most unconscionable thing of all, is the doctors who harmed us have
no remorse for the harm they caused.""And weaving this back to the original message
thread, even a doctor -- trying to do what's right and best for his daughter who
was suffering -- has a story to tell."Even doctors aren't immune to this dangerous
system.The fact that even doctors aren't immune should speak volumes... Just
say'n..exactly instead of blaming victims for hikes in rates they should no by now
that they need to look at the insurance and drug industry that spends billions to
keep an outdated law like MICRA on the books. 40 years without one change? huh?I
would love to see the day I can face-to-face ask my doctors why?"I tried that
Georjean, but when I made an appointment to see him, he was nowhere to be found.
Instead, I got another gynaecologist who told me that I cannot see the doctor who
operated on me without a mediator present. I wonder why? Maybe I'm not the only one
he butchered for personal gain."It's obvious. He has had experience with victims
who have decided to confront him about what he did to them. He cannot face you
without a someone to help him debate you. Two against one.Some people get it worse
than others"Hi guys, ProPublica is hosting a series of online discussions
specifically for healthcare providers on the subject of patient safety ��� and
we���d love to present questions from this group. So. If you could ask a doctor,
nurse or other care provider one thing - what would it be? Please keep questions
constructive. We always like to emphasize in this group that one bad doctor
doesn���t represent the entire medical profession. The goal of this new online
discussion series is to see what providers think about various issues related to
patient harm. Their insight, combined with yours, is
key to understanding it persists, and what to do about it. Thanks, and as always,
let me know if you have questions!Thanks! And as always, let me know if you have
questions.""Q: If you harmed a patient, what would you do?""Q: If you knew a
patient was harmed, what would you do? [this is someone else's negligence and/or
malpractice]""Q: If you saw any of your colleagues harming patients, what would you
do?""Q: If a patient asks for another option, and asks for information on the
operation, what would you do?......The reason I would ask these 2 questons is
because the doctors who saw that I was harmed by a colleague, took his side and
went against me. Also, when I begged for another option, the gyn/oncologist yelled
that I had no other option, and bullied and threatened me into immediate, radical
100% unnecessary surgery and botched it beyong repair, after looking me in the eye
and telling me he's done hundreds of these surgeries, that he could do them with
his eyes closed. He also totally mislead and misinformed me. I'm sure the questions
will be answered with lies, because that is exactly what happened with me.""Oh God