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government should mandate insurance coverage -- an essentially coercive
requirement. Yet, everyone seems to think it anathema to institute anything
approaching a coercive approach with respect to medical providers, even though we
are the ones paying them. Because let me tell you, if we videotaped everyone and
anyone who didn't wash their hands lost their license, we would eliminate HACs. If
doctors were not allowed to side step medical license rules that do not allow them
to behave as pharamcists, we wouldnt have the fungal infections. Why should
individuals be subject to government coercion and commercial enterprises not? Isn't
that backwards? You all in the kumbaya quailty movement just do not understand
that there is a substantial portion of institutions that would rather use patients
as billing fodder and care not a whit about safety because they can lie their way
out of trouble. There seems to be an unreasonable belief in the medical industrial
complex as good an honest. How many people have been killed by unethical medicine
vs. big oil. Why not sic IRS level enforcement on them, not us. And as for not
second guessing the deal -- it seems to me that if he had bothered to show any
leadership, Obama could have gotten gap coverage. To me, that is the most awful
disgrace. Maybe if we had a Repub. working health care reform, it would have been a
m. Why give Obama a pass on this??? This was done with a 100% democrat control of
government.""I don't mean to be unkind Noel, but do you really believe that people
in the medical profession are honest and that doing chart reviews is the answer or
a rational tool for accountability? Two of the ER doctors claimed that he had done
a full neuro exam on her and that it was fully normal. She had just had a failed
surgery to repair torn extensor tendons in her fingers. She had a fused wrist. She
had a permanently torn rotator cuff. And the CT was obvious for a spinal cord
impingement. One sent her for a head CT for hallucinations. Obviously lying.
Through their teeth. Mom had a history and physical about six times at these
hospitals. All of the doctors listed a history of having had a Coronary Arterial
Bypass Graft surgery. Which was obvious from the skin on her chest she had never
had. But of course, the medical profession is filled with people with integrity who
would never lie in the charts. but I have no doubt up the complexity of the patient
and up the DRG. it's one of the problems I have with EHR. One doctor who is a
jerk or stupid or corrupt could screw you up for life with misleading notes that
gullible doctors will believe hook line and sinker and it won't matter what the
patient says.""I should be clear about what I'm saying and what I'm not saying.
What I'm saying is that I don't think that when we pull about 30,000 to 40,000
random charts out of about 32,000,000 or 33,000,000, and have people review them to
find certain types of infections, adverse drug events, specific bad outcomes from
procedures, etc., that it can't be gamed. It would require a massive and new
conspiracy to be perpetrated with no one finding out about it.I am not saying that
everything that occurs during a patient's inpatient stay always ends up in their
chart (medical record). To say that would be idiotic.What I am saying, going back
to that, is that if we review random charts from 2011, 2012, and 2013 the same way
did for 2010 charts, that we should be able to tell if, overall, things are
actually getting better or not for the whole nation.This is unrelated to
accountability of specific doctors, hospitals, etc., with respect to specific
instances of adverse events.""The only way to make it meaningful is to compare the
data that is there to data that is not there, and with other data bases that will
demonstrate the presence or absence of adverse events - medical accidents to
disability applications, Wage and earning reports, applications for other public
benefits. Follow the yellow brick road.""Getting back to my original point, which
I admit is peripheral to the point of this Facebook group: The United States would
be a better place for its citizens if all or almost all citizens (and legal
permanent resident aliens) had health insurance. This is a nice summary of what
the other option is...""First, the Obamacare ""quality incentives"" upped the
ante on incentives to lie. Second, it doesn't have to be a conspiracy. All that
has to happen is that the wound care nurse decided she doesn't want to get into