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certainly verifies that situation to me.""Veronica James, so sad to hear this. CMS
has indicated that hospitals/rehab/hursing homes etc should decrease their use of
antipsychotics by 20%.... it's a good move.""Sso true, Garrick Sitongia and I
suspect there is no other industry in which the people who make the profits (lots
of tests, procedures, billable hours) are the same ones responsible for all
decisions with no accountability. (TIA=mini-stroke) Also, people talk about
malpractice suits as a possible safeguard, but lawyers won't take cases re: old
people, so the docs know there is a steady and continuous stream of old people to
take the place of those that die or become too unprofitable (Medicaid) to continue
to care for. Oh, and one thought that bothers me somewhat: I pushed really hard to
get my father's PEG procedure done immediately, which meant a Sunday. I got a lot
of grief because there were several procedures already scheduled but I insisted
that he be fit in.""That was on Saturday at arouand noon. By the time the procedure
was done (Sunday at 1), the other 3 procedures were cancelled. I didn't ask (no
point in alienating anyone), but I can't help but wonder if those patients died.
That's not an optional procedure and aspirating into your lungs will kill you."
"Thanks, Veronica (don't know that I'm knowledgeable but I am persistent and work
in the healthcare industry, which is certainly a help). Will be happy to look over
the weekend. Thanks!""If Massachusetts can do this, why doesn't New York?Because
too many people are making too much money.""I wonder if a doctor
won't admit to a mistake, if this law releases other doctors to tell the truth to
the patient without causing the original doctor to be legally threatened. Because I
think big ego doctors won't admit to their own mistakes no matter what. The patient
should be able to find a truthful doctor. Would this law make that more likely?"
"Thank you for the comments and kind words. I had hoped my website would be the one displayed here. Ahh....there it is!
Yes, the terrible rolfing injury started my search for answers--and when I got
NONE at Kaiser Permanente, CA HMO for profit, and, in fact, I got misdiagnosed
there by their neurologist, I had to start paying ""out of pocket"" to go our of
I was getting more disabled by my ""rolfing-induced"" injuries--so had
the first surgery in my life at age 42 to try to fix my ""winging scapula.""
fell victim to surgeons who were far overconfident, aggressive, and took my
insurance money or cash to ""fix"" me at Hospitals and Private Surgery Centers.
They ""fixed"" me alright. Now, sadly--I am a train wreck of scar tissue, half a
neck, spine problems, breathing problems, still have the winging scapula injury-and more.
The T.O.S. Surgery, my LAST surgery in 2004 was the WORST. Cutting
out my first rib-and my neck muscles--my surgeon LIED (grossly) on his pre-op form
that I signed, then abused me after his surgery made me obviously worse--and the
Medical Board in CA did not care--so just let him off. But, the truth is very
clear in the documents of my complaint to the Medical Board! He LIED!.... about all
of the risks of Thoracic Outlet Surgery saying the risks were only between 1-7% (at
most)-- He and I both signed his pre-op form. But, the Medical Board in CA stated
he was not at fault because T.O.S. surgery was so risky??? How do they get away
with that? A more accurate representation of T.O.S. surgery is that it almost
always makes people worse--not better. Yet, they continue to allow it--and it is
As so many of you here know, Medicine is a dangerous world when one is
desperate for answers. There were and are NO watchdogs for greedy, reckless,
abusive surgeons and their hospitals/HMOs. What they can get away with, they will.
That is why I'm so glad to find like-minded people here--maybe we can start to
raise awareness together and change this medical industry.""unfortunately bobbie,
they get away with a lot. most in this group have stories of medical harm and/or
know someone with a story of medical harm. so sorry for the reasons that brought
you here but welcome..."thanks Robin!thx veronica--I did--tho-thought of more to
add to it recently....thanks!"Hi all, ProPublica's social media producer here!
We're compiling a round-up of great accountability journalism on nursing homes. Do
you know any good articles, or journalists doing good work? Let us know in the
comments. (And just for reference, here's one example of the kind of work we'll be
including: Thanks!""Thanks, Veronica!""I
would suggest reading Jack Schroder's book ""Identifying Medical Malpractice"" for