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families of passengers would have to complain to the FAA to get them to
investigate. But the FAA would make absurd excuses, deny the plane crashed and tell
everyone to wait more time for the plane to land. When it was obvious the wreckage
was the plane, they would say the black boxes are ""lost."" Then airlines would
raise prices and blame it on a culture of litigation.""This is from the UK, a much
smaller country. I don't know if the US medical system works the same way.""Veronica James, The UK, a group of 5
countries, has a much smaller population than the US, and therefore their one
doctor a month statistic may not be the same number about the US.""The Albany Times Union
has an article today about hospitals' use of social media. The story (with the
another of the TU's childish puns in the headline) says some use Facebook and
Twitter to connect with the public, while others have no presence on the sites. The
story says that Glens Falls Hospital uses Twitter to communicate with the public,
while St. Peter's Health Partners (created by the merger this year of Northeast
Health, Seton Health and St. Peter's Hospital) has no Facebook or Twitter accounts.
This leaves it with just my page listing unreported malpractice lawsuits against
and related Twitter links it as its most visible online presence.The TU story is
here: My page is:"HAPPY
THANKSGIVING"On this Thanksgiving day, our thoughts turn grateful to those who have
made our progress possible. We are thankful for you and wish you and your family a
very Happy Thanksgiving!"Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May God let this day be full
of joy even when.............With LoveHappy Thanksgiving from An Empowered Spirit..
"Nine years after Lisa's Baker's death in Samaritan Hospital in Troy, NY a Web page
is ready for many expected new visitors.""David Baker I'm so
sorry for your loss. It is amazing how they will cover up things instead of
admitting their mistakes. I think that is the hardest part of all this. They call
you crazy, they invalidate your instincts, they deny what you know is the truth and
it is never their fault. Why does it have to be like this? I just don't know. They
blame instead of accept responsibility. We never get to the point of forgiveness,
how do you forgive when they won't even acknowlege they made a mistake.""Thank you,
Sharon. You are exactly right; they compound the error by refusing to acknowledge
it. And so they make the same mistakes, over and over. As you say, it doesn't have
to be this way. And it shouldn't be.""Another area of the law that should be
discussed in any patient advocacy group but generally isn���t until someone is
personally impacted by it is ERISA. ERISA was signed into law by President Ford in
1974 to protect employees that contracted with their employer for benefits. There
may be a part of the law that actually works to protect employees but I
haven���t encountered it. The below linked brief is now before the US Supreme
Court regarding ERISA and subrogation. USAirways, McCutchen���s employer paid
for his medical expenses through the employer healthcare plan for which he
contracted and paid premiums to participate and is governed by ERISA. Through no
fault of his own he was hit by a teenager that didn���t have a decent insurance
policy. His lawyers sued and won a small settlement but not enough to take care of
him. Now comes USAirways and says we want all of that settlement money and we
don���t care that this man is totally disabled and will have nothing to live on,
we want our money. With the corporatist Supreme Court now seated it is likely they
will rule in favor of USAirways and the disabled man will live in poverty for the
remainder of his life dragging his family with him. I opine that this is totally
short-sited on the part of corporations for if you impoverish a family with this
type of behavior you inadvertently take one or more consumers out of the market,
consumers that may have purchased your product or services. Is it nonsensical and
corporations that are in the business of impoverishing Americans are really hurting
themselves but this post isn���t about them it is about the inherent unfairness
of ERISA and how the law absolutely must be changed.""How to lie with statistics. Scroll through this. Wow. They sure
are improving. Scroll down the the HACs. Mom had at least seven. Inova Fairfax