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system called ""Southern Health."" So of course they will side with each other. It
shocks me how they can do such harm, and turn it into blaming the victim. All
because I trusted them, even though I kept telling the doctors, who kept
fabricating non-existent female problems, that I had nothing wrong with me, and I
even said what they were doing was wrong....But they kept manipulating and coercing
me until they wore me down. I berate myself every day for my ignorance in thinking
that doctors know best.....I was phsically, emotionally and psychologically harmed
by doctors, then revictimized and retraumatiized all over again in the aftermath."
"Preparedness and a good offense may be the best defense - Written and well
prepared questions seeking specific answers, intervening if the answer goes offtopic and a video recording of the whole thing.""People who have experienced
medical harm make many providers uncomfortable, this happens for several reasons.
One that you might not know about is that those who have not had first hand
experience with a bad preventable outcome are truly in denial of such events and
assume that there is something that the patient is not clear on regarding the
Others just do not like to hear things about other providers. We
always tell patients to say as little as possible to the new clinician, briefly
mention that we had a rough time somewhere else or lost someone, but we really want
to move forward and heal the best we can.
They do NOT want the details, when you
are candid with a new provider, most of the time they will respect you and do the
best that they can. However, if you do what I said and still get resistance, run
as fast as you can from that provider, no good will ever come from that
relationship.""How many times Doug, did I wish I had had a tape recorder and
recorded all the lies, fabrications, manipulations and bullying those doctors
involved in this racket said to me before I was butchered. They way they abused
their power, manipulated, bullied, violated my health rights, totally mislead and
misinformed me would be on tape, and it would be hard for them to lie and deny that
they did nothing wrong, if I only had the proof....."Outright hostility is what I
experience from most doctors. Any doctor that follows the profits before patients'
paradigm has no use for an aware patient. We threaten their very existence and we
should feel confident that when a doctor puts himself/herself in that position of
hostility towards a patient that has been harmed we know we are in the presence of
a perpetrator and need to get out of the situation as quickly as possible."I wish I
had listened to my feelings when the gyno/oncologist who bullied and threatened me
into this dangerous, unnecessary, radical mutilations, Sharon. The hatred and
contempt on his face when I said I had no pain, no bleeding, no symptoms
whatsoever, and begged for another option, should have been a dire warning that I
was dealing with a perpetrator....."An option: Bring a patient advocate with you
to all your appointments- it can be a family member or friend who is capable of
moderating the conversation. Consider changing doctors if the odd interchanges
persist."Joleen Chambers, I went to three GPs in Eugene Oregon. There is a
honeymoon period that lasts 2 - 3 appointments in each case. The doctors play the
delay tactic for as long as possible first, then the strangeness starts in every
case. In Eugene, the doctors are very well coordinated and scripted in denying
treatment to medical injury victims.""What you are saying is easy to see in
hindsight, Joleen, but I don't have family and friends close by. And who would ever
believe that there would be a group of doctors in cahoots together, lying in wait
to find trusting patients to trick into unnecessary surgery, for personal gain. Not
many people know that unless someone informs them. Now I don't trust one word out
of a doctors mouth, and I warn everyone I come into contact with to have their
guard up.""Trust But Verify - A method of self-advocating or for a loved-one is to
1. check the providers credentials and background, 2. get a second or third opinion
about diagnosis and treatment plan, 3. compare the treatment plan against evidencebased treatment plans, 4. thoroughly understand your condition and receive a
thorough Informed Consent for recommended surgery, medication and therapy. All
this before agreeing to a treatment plan.""Doctors ""mess with you"" because they
know they can and they have impunity. Period. That, in and of itself, is strange
psychological treatment. I'm in the Portland area of Oregon. The medical /
legal community here is a very cultish sub-sect in a our local society. A suspect