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on a patient when they get money from a lawsuit. My insurance company, Cigna, put a
lien on me. My medical bills paid by Cigna were almost half a million dollars. My
out-of-pocket was equal to that amount. I had to pay Cigna back out of my
settlement. I was left with nothing and I will never be well.""I owned my own home
outright. I was close to officially retiring early (though would never have really
done so.) I had what's considered good insurance.My career is gone. I'm now living
in a tiny rented place not sure if I'll make it to the end of the month - all the
result of medical malpractice.It's not an unusual tale.""I didn't get tested till
after my detox in 2001, which was a mistake and a regret, but my symptoms were so
apparent that my dentist agreed with my self diagnosis. I did lots of research and
learned that mercury fillings emit mercury vapor on a daily basis. After I got rid
of my fillings and underwent detox much of my health was restored. The only problem
was that I had soo much mercury for soo long that I came down with Vitamin D
deficiency, and that leads to illness, but I dfidn't find out about it till 2010."
"In 1991 I was lied to and told I needed my gallbladder removed. This was in the
early training swarm at the introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and the
teaching hospitals were grabbing up every warm body they could con onto the
operating table. I was also lied to about the safety of this new procedure, who
would actually be performing it (a green trainee) and the response I could expect
if injury were to occur. At that time I was a stay-at-home mother and part-time
college student of several years with plans for a bright future. But I was
permanently injured with a bile duct injury, lied to about it, deliberately kept
away from expensive proper aftercare early when it would have done the most good. I
was also infected with coaglase-negative staph gotten at the hospital which was
ignored and allowed to blow through my body and damage heart valves and kidneys.
This injury and wanton lack of proper aftercare not only destroyed my life and any
hope of a decent future but has damaged our whole family in ways we can never get
back: I was supposed to be working at my chosen career by the time our three
children went to college so there would be money to pay for it. The medical
syndicate cleaned us out paying for their cover-up by running me around, sick and
getting sicker deliberately untreated, for a long list of expensive, painful, and
dangerous unnecessary ""testing""--all the wrong tests for the true condition
designed to stonewall and run me past the point of no return--and relieve us of our
back account and run us into debt. There is a one-month window-of-opportunity to
properly repair a bile duct injury before permanent and progressive liver damage
sets in; after that passes nothing can be done and we are set on a death spiral
that cannot be reversed. My surgeon ""just had no idea what could be wrong"",
although he wrote papers on the subject at the same time that were published in the
trade journals, and his cohorts I was referred to chanted the same lie. But I was
trusting and ignorant back then, and blindly followed their self-serving advice to
be unnecessarily tested for exotic rarities like Porpheria, Mediterranean Fever,
amyloidosis, Lyme Disease (although there is no Lyme in Ohio), tuberculosis, et
cetea into infinity. Cha-ching! Our money went from our bank account into the
pockets of very people responsible for putting us here--twice, before I caught on.
People shouldn't be forced to bankroll their own murder. But I didn't know the
things I do now. Fast-forward 20 years later: I am now at the end stages of my
permanent injury. I was never able to finish my college degree or work. Because I
could not work (and was too sick to parent effectively when they needed it most) I
could not help pay for my children's college and two of them drifted off to live
hand-to-mouth with only one going to and finishing college on grants. Because I
could not work I could not accumulate credit to qualify for Social Security--ever.
I am disabled, would have qualified otherwise. My husband has been unemployed for a
year now and we scrape by until his unemployment benefits stop in November--then we
will have to live off what little savings we have left. After that, we will have to
sell belongings and our home. Our health insurance went away with his job. In
January my condition deteriorated to the point I had to be hospitalized and use
several expensive prescription drugs. I am supposed to take two a day of one of the
drugs but it would cost $140. a month so I try to get by on one. There are a lot of
things that add to the cost of injury: we have had to hire people to do some of the