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for no reason other than 'hormonal bloating'; which all women on the earth
experience. The O.R. nurse admitted she knew the consent she obtained was illegal
since there was no emergency. YET, there's NOTHING I can do. I've pursued legal
remedy since 2008. I've been through three lawyers, my case has been dismissed and
re-filed, my trial date has been moved several times and is now set for 2014. I'm
representing myself at this point because no lawyer will take over my case. My
situation is common. Pursuing a malpractice complaint is very draining physically, mentally and even financially... There is little reward even if you're
successful and win due to caps on jury awards. Here's a portion of my former
doctor's testimony. It's quite incredible on many levels...
ital_or_nurse""Hi Laura Delano, welcome to the group. We're glad you joined, though
we're always sorry that this is a group that has so many members! I wanted to urge
you to please share the story of the cardiac cath with us here at ProPublica. We're
asking patients or their family members to complete a questionnaire, so we can
gather stories and topics that we should pursue. Here's the link to the
Hall Thanks for the link on med. malpractice-- yes, i am aware that not all
negative outcomes are malpractice, just very much hoping that this is, because it
has caused complete and total devastation of quality of life for this person, who
was totally healthy before. June Gardner There was definitely pressure from the
doctors to have this procedure done and although a consent form was signed, it
didn't feel like a choice at all for this person. I am so sorry to hear of all
that you've been through. Robin Karr Your experience sounds so horrific, too. I'm
not going to lie-- your legal struggles are not an encouraging sign, but it sounds
like from what I'm learning
here that this is simply the state of affairs in medicine. Thanks to you both for
sharing your personal stories here."Marshall Allen I will definitely take a look at
this questionnaire! I look forward to getting more involved with this community.
These are pretty good... Could be used in
hospital in addition to food service locations.....another reason to have a
Professional or Family Advocate double checking everything 60 minutes per hour:
This story is about a Pediatric Hospital that caught 234 medication errors in 1
month on 1 unit. Also mentioned that the new systems only stopped half of
medication errors that would have caused harm. The emerging role of family member
as Patient Safety Intermediary is well justified. The Advocate and Patient are the
last line of defense to catch errors of commission and omission:"It
says many of the medication errors would never have been known about. This adds
tremendously to difficulty in diagnosing and prompt treatment, and dangers that the
wrong drug can do. The wrong drug won't fix the problem, but people believe the
right drug was given. The conclusion is the drug didn't work, and so the right drug
will never get a chance.In the other case, the patient might complain about the
strong side effect from an incorrect drug that was administered which nobody knows
about. The mystery about the patient's condition deepens. Then many things have to
be considered. Maybe the side effects of the wrong drug are known and the mistake
recognized. Maybe the patient is diagnosed with a second condition, and given
expensive tests that come out negative. Perhaps even a psychiatrist is called in to
evaluate for psychosomatic situation (and this goes on the record). Psycho active
drugs are then prescribed. Of course, the hospital will profit from any mistake it
makes.""I don't know if this is relevant here, but ""The Medical Error Action
Group"" was started in Australia, by Lorraine Long, whose mother went into hospital
with an asthma attack and died. The hospital said her mother died of natural
causes, but the truth was that she was poisoned by the wrong drugs, given to her at
the hospital, which was then covered up. If her daughter didn't do her own
investigation, she would never have known the truth. We believe what the doctors
tell us.""""Blame is being placed on the building���s outdated backup power
system, which has raised concern that aging infrastructure at U.S. hospitals has
created a risk for similar outages that jeopardize patient care.""""Backup systems