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the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation's public service announcement and then click
""Share"" below to help prevent other families from losing a loved one to
preventable Clostridium difficile infections.""A beautiful piece, Christian. I
remain very sorry that you have had the occasion to learn about C. Diff. As you
have said, The price is unacceptably high for many of us, including you, who have
joined the ranks of patient safety advocates.""Very nice video, Christian John
Lillis. Thanks for sharing it. Sorry for the loss of your mom.""This is one welldocumented but rarely-discussed-with-patients risk factor for C diff: overuse or
misuse of proton pump inhibitors (drugs like like Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium...)
this is a blog entry but there are numerous papers on this issue:""Thanks, Noel. I've been looking to update our site with more information
about PPIs. Oddly, my mother never took them.""There are lots of ways to get C
diff. These PPI drugs are just one risk factor. Most inpatient cases of C diff
are preceded by an antibiotic and many outpatient cases are too. Some C diff cases
are mysterious and it's hard to know why they occurred or what could have been done
to prevent them or catch them early. The most interesting right now to me is
potentially focusing on early and effective treatment in addition to prevention.
This treatment seems odd, but there are indications that it may work better than
anything else in the current armamentarium: Getting over the ""ick"" factor may
be the biggest barrier to widespread use." anonymous Patterson
Dental representative has had just about enough of me."���Dr. Darrell Pruitt, to
answer your question, we have stated several times that there are many factors
which need to be taken into account on the topic of safety of both paper dental
records and electronic dental records.���OK then, Patterson Dental. I���ll
bite. Please share with me and my friends the factors you say must be taken into
account when comparing the security of electronic dental records to paper dental
records.���""We started our Facebook page to bring our community together online
to discuss advancements in dentistry and issues facing the industry today."" Prove
it. ""We would like to keep our community open to all view points and for everyone
to be able to participate. However, if you can't respect the community we've
created here with our employees, vendors, customers, and other industry leaders, we
will block you from further participation.""Remember. This started out as a simple
question about the safety of your product. But rather than address dentist and
dental patients' concerns, you would rather hide the danger of identity theft in
dentistry.Now let's have a look at those other factors that make the risk of
identity theft from paper dental records greater than from Eaglesoft products.Cc:
Dental Geeks Linkedin group and others. (Block me if you want, but the discussion
will continue without you).And what is the name of the anonymous Patterson employee
who is threatening me?""Patterson chooses censorship over truthRather than reveal
mysterious factors which an anonymous Patterson employee promised would prove that
paper dental records put patients at a higher risk of identity theft than Eaglesoft
EDRs, she chose to simply block me from the Patterson Dental Facebook. I guess I
didn���t realize Patterson Dental was such a sleazy company.""What I find
humorous about being kicked off Patterson Dental's Facebook was their reason: ""We
would like to keep our community open to all view points and for everyone to be
able to participate.""Isn't that a hoot! Did anyone notice people standing in line
to comment on the Patterson Facebook? I had no ideal I was in their way!""Dr. Larry
Emmott, do electronic dental records expose patients to a higher risk of identity
theft than paper dental records?""In the wake of the death of 12-year-old Rory
Staunton at a New York hospital, I collaborated with my ProPublica colleagues
Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber to ask why medicine can't seem to fix simple
mistakes.Would love to hear your feedback on the topic!""...another reason to
enlist a professional or family Patient Safety Advocate to check lab values and
escalate the need for attention if the patient exhibits signs & symptoms of Sepsis.
To help prevent wrong-site surgery, insist that a Time-Out Confirmation is part of