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been near a hospital if it wasn't for a female doctor who came to the local
Community Health Centre once a week to do Pap smears. She was a doctor since 1969
and the staff there thought she was so altuistic and caring for giving her time to
the patients who went there for Pap smears. Under the guise of a caring woman's
doctor, who had our best interests at heart was a snake-in-the grass who was
looking for trusting, unsuspecting women to sell out to her equally unethical
gynaecological buddies to be exploited for personal gain. I'm still in shock at
all the lies and fabrications she told, and how she manipulated and coerced me into
unnecessary tests and then fabricated they found something wrong, and insisted on
me seeing her gynaecologist buddies, who destroyed my health and my life for
personal gain....""Re the conflict of interest comment above, the part of the
Leapfrog rating I don't like (outcomes) are the part taken from government agencies
and re-used by Leapfrog. I'm not critical of Leapfrog's data on processes, which
they compile themselves. My biggest distress beyond the low-quality (government)
outcome data is the letter score (which I couldn't find tonight but I saw earlier).
I think one letter to represent the performance of hundreds of people (from
surgeons to room-cleaners) for tens of thousands of patients doesn't make sense.
Other problems with the letter score, from my point of view, are above.""True that
Allen J. Van Putten -- but it's not the administration doing the procedure,
administering the medications, etc. If they are allowing the few rouge doctors to
continue having ""privileges"" in their institutin, shame on them. The need to
grow a pair IMHO and the administration should be held accountable if they're
continuing to allow Dr. Mengele privileges. But, the hosptial itself, I'm sure, is
not ""bad"" and does have good doctors and nurses who are just as sick of it all as
we are.
Rank/Review the hospitals administrator, Chief of Staff, etc. If the ER
docs, staff, etc. are too burned out, then they need to protest their working
hours, hire more staff, but don't take it out on the patients in the form of doing
sloppy work and saying ""we're too busy"" (I'm going to write a comment about the
NY Times article which was linked. But tomorrow, another day, another subject.
However, in that article they are saying doctors are ""in and out"" and can't
really discern things. OMIGOSH. I'm too tired now to write my thoughts this
evening.) Perhaps the name of the administrators are a better way of ranking: Joe
Blow, Administrator at Mercy Mercy Me Hosptial gets an ""F"" -- they're the
man/woman in charge.""Hospitals have policy manuals - employees do as they are told
or they don't work there. There is even someone who 'checks' records - making sure
certain things are not found it the records.....really a plum job/snark. Well ,
that is not as important as being a Patient Advocate and telling me I cannot get my
full records, that the hospital does not release full records. Like I just fell
off a turnip wagon and do not know my patient's rights.. Or possibly the COO who
tells me they will not correct all the errors - the errors that paint a picture of
an extremely urgent situation - telling me that even though they have my age wrong
- their records are a legal document and can't be changed. My admitting info looks
like whoever filled it out was drunk or drugged - nothing is true. And there is a
reason for it -""I wonder, do we get a special exorbitant consultant fee for
helping everyone figure out how to do their jobs. And noel, that is correct. A
place I might recommend for brain surgery might be a disaster for abdominal
surgery. That is the level of granualarity of data you need. Just because some
says they do X surgery on their website doesn't mean they are proficint at it."The
AHA and others have described why the CMS HACs are not useful measures - in essence
they are just too rare (falsely rare) to be representative of reality. And the
PSIs are better used for case-finding for quality improvement than for measurement.
See this slide set:
and look at slide 29 and some others in the set and see what you think."Carla, I
would recommend looking at Mom's medical records before saying oh, no, they aren't
bad. They, pretty much across the board were bad. But I agree with much.
Administrators have no skin in the game. I suppose we could boil them in oil
every-time a patient died, but that would lead to excessive turnover. I think that
the legal authorities to penalize administrators who chose not to correct harmful
situations -- we haul slumloards in, we haul sloppy food producers in, why not