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one. Here's something crazy-one of the surgeons involved in my case was from what
must be the same giant orthopedic outfit in Golden Colorado. I will send him an
email and ask him.""Glad you found the story helpful, Mark A Girard. Incidentally,
Golden, Colorado is my home town. Totally irrelevant, I know."Place this on your
calendar for tomorrow. Send to your friends."Defensive medicine blamed for patient
death... What do you think? I don't buy this excuse because of 'Tort Reform'. It's
nearly impossible to find anyone who is able to successfully pursue a medical
malpractice complaint. So, why are doctors so worried?"They
are paranoid.I completely agree with both!OMG I can't help but wonder where that
came from."Every exposure to medical treatment poses risks. The reason for overtreatment is not fear of lawsuits, but motivated by fee for service profit. Most
doctors are employees of hospitals or medical centers. I assume that there is an
annual review of employment performance for doctors as there is in any other white
collar industry, which is basically a cost versus expense analysis of the employee.
It is a yearly post-employment job interview which asks the employee, what have you
done for us this past year? Avoidance of profitable tests and surgeries on patients
is not going to make points."Garrick Sitongia - I couldn't agree more! Any fear
they may possibly have about malpractice is so overwhelmed by greed that it is not
measureableI had a hard time getting through the article because again we go off on
a spin of many things yet who still gets hurt? The ones that are the victims.
"Agree with you Garrick and Allen when you say doctors aren't worried about
malpractice nearly so much as they're worried about not making crazy money. The
article attempts to get the reader to feel sorry for the poor doctors who just
can't win and are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Sadly, many people
buy into that. They don't know what we know...""Right Michelle, it's the victims
who, at the end of the day, get hurt!""Doctors know they can get away with whatever
harm the commit. That's why it was so easy to fabricate cancer and mutilate 6
healthy organs from me. They knew they would never be accountable, that the system
would take their side, while the harmed patient is discredited and disgarded.""This
is the most ridiculous article I've read in a long time. Hmmmmmmm
. . . yeah, a medical error is JUST like a baseball slugger's 100 mph swing that
gets thwarted by some fan's flash going off causing good 'ol slugger to blink
{rolling eyes} WTF is Birdstrike, Dr even talking about!?! OH PLEASE -- dude must
not know what a ""non sequitor"" is.
He writes: Case No. 1 "". . . then had a
coronary catheterization which perforated one of the arteries in her heart and
killed her,"" but goes on to blame her death on ""defensive medicine."" Maybe,
just maybe if one of the patient's arteries in her HEART wasn't perforated, she
wouldn't have died. Defensive medicine caused this patient to die? Since when do
""concepts"" and made up crap perform heart caths on a patient? I'm not a doctor,
but I'm going to take a ""stab"" at it and I'm going with the COD as a perforated
artery in her HEART caused by someone who . . . . . what!!?! . . . . . .
blinked!?!?!!! The patient's death was caused by someone who shouldn't have
PERFORATED her artery. I didn't even read the dribble any further -- MY artery was
just about to burst."Defensive medicine has killed and maimed countless patients. I
know of 3 people who died having operations that were totally unnecessary to begin
with."""defensive medicine"" is a concept. The bottom line: the doctor does the
deed. No matter if somone needs the procedure/ operation, or not (which is another
topic, i.e., unnecessary procedures) if it's botched, it's botched. I didn't need
my surgery and my surgry was botched. At least do the procedure without harming,
maiming and killing people, geez! Then . . . we'll talk about being used as
guinea pigs.""Exactly Carla. It's bad enough being tricked into unnecessary
surgeries, but to have it so badly botched is unconscionable, and a reprehensible
miscarriage of justice.""Thursday I will be hosting""LIFE"" Radio show and I will
be talking about the falsifying of medical records, and refusal of medical records.
Please inbox me if you are interested."Please clarify refusal.Some entities are
refusing release of medical records and making it difficult for them to access the
records or investigations relating to their cases. Some entities are charging
enormous fees that people can not afford to get records. In my case I am being
refused the investigations surrounding information found in the medical records.