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I wrote above, I realized that what he wrote is exactly how I felt. Like I was
harmed by violent criminals.""The issue you raise here June is indeed one that
needs attention. It's difficult to face the aftermath of medical 'negligence'. It's
beyond difficult to face the aftermath of 'intentional' medical harm. When a person
is intentionally harmed via an unnecessary surgery, the trauma is huge! Unspeakable
really...""I thought of the same thing a few years ago . . . why was the orthopedic
surgeon that butchered my leg able to get away with it? Oh, yeah, he was
licensed.""I've said this over and over I know but I'll say it again here. Until
doctors are charged with 'crimes' and prosecuted like anybody else, we will
continue to see unnecessary surgeries performed and we will continue to see harmed
patients. It's really that simple. Doctors have always had a 'license to kill'.
That's nothing new. Doctors have always had the freedom to heal or harm. What's
different is this... Today, what we see is too large a number of doctors giving
into financial pressure and performing unnecessary procedures and surgeries,
prescribing dangerous drugs, etc. when there are alternatives - including the
alternative to do nothing.""There is also the sad truth that other doctors who know
that a procedure was botched are allowed to remain silent. There is no mandated
reporting laws that require doctors to report sub-standard care, negligence,
malpractice, etc. So they remain silent. It's almost as if they are aiding and
abetting the wrong-doer. There are a lot of co-dependents in the medical arena,
the silence of doctors not wanting to get involved is deafening."You bring up
another good point Carla. The problem is surely compounded by the wall of silence!I
agree with everything said here. I tried to file complaints with police and
attorney general and both said they couldn't
help. And I know there a other that were involved in my care that repeatedly told
my family of the rogue behavior in the urology dept. It is criminal and should not
have statue of limitations. And yes ALL parties knowing and covering up the horror
are just as guilty in allowing these doctor to achieve their dirty deeds"All of you
have just told my story. The medical system do not screen medical students for
personality disorders, so at least 30% of doctors have disturbed personalities
(that last sentence was written in a book about bad medicine). In other words these
doctors have psychopathic traits and you'll recognize them. They lie to you face,
they lie to everyone around them. They fabricate all sorts of non-existent medical
problems. They deceive people. They manipulate people. they have no remorse. They
abuse their power. They violated your trust. They violate your health rights. They
violate their duty of care. They one zillion percent violate the Hippocratic Oath
and FIRST DO HARM.""Welcome to our new members! I just wanted to re-post our
guidelines, so everyone is on the same page. We do moderate this group, and delete
things that are offensive or not directly related to patient harm. Let us know if
you have questions, and thanks for joining. Click here for the guidelines:""If you ever need
to send messages to state or federal legislators or media use (luv
that URL; no connection to .gov). The site provides information on who to send to
as well as reasonably automated mechanisms for sending out messages en masse.
Using the link provided, the media wizard will show you all the media outlets for
your state, let you pick up to five and send the message to those five adding in
previously entered information (who you are, etc) as it sends it out. I put the
message in Word and copied it into successive groups of five until I was finished.
Using this service, I was able to send a message urging 45 newspapers in Virginia
to watch the Bill Moyers presentatation on ALEC and to use journalistic
investigation to inform the public. Total time involved (including interruptions!)
about 1 hr.While you could use this to send any message to any newspaper in any
state, it is probably better to focus on those in your state.In addition to this
wonderful service, has a lot of other great information and other
services available."Thanks for posting this Cary!"Something to think
about....""when no one is accountable, no one is safe.""""Agree Kirpal... That's
what I've been saying for years. I wrote a very long letter to a local reporter
regarding this very issue. I sent him the testimony from my medical malpractice
case wherein my former doctor admitted he altered my record and obtained illegal