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they are highly addictive. Why because why they relieve pain, they cause muscle
weakness and bone weakness that leads to more pain. The withdrawal symptoms are
very bad -- supposedly as bad as heroin -- and as someone who had Cushing's I
attest that withdrawal is no piece of cake. So, you have steroids, they provide
short term pain relief, but as that goes away, it leaves increased pain
sensitivity, and worse pain because of worse physiologic function. We have far
less than a full understanding of the effects of steroids, but we have an
increasing body of evidence that they are poisions.""This article fails to mention
that for those of us who are disabled with spinal stenosis and pinched nerves,
these spinal epidurals are a godsend in providing fleeting pain relief. This is the
only procedure that Medicare will pay for to provide relief for pinched nerves that
turns me into the tin man. Can you even imagine what it would feel like if you had
two by fours tied to your arms and legs? Medicare refuses to acknowledge PRP or
plasma rich platelet therapy used by athletes and others to regrow cartilage
because it does not have FDA's blessing. Had I not been misdiagnosed and the victim
of medical error which caused me to lose my entire life savings seeking competent
care, I would have the thousands it costs to get PRP privately. As a disabled
person now on SSDI, this is not feasible. Medicare only stabilizes people so they
continue to live in pain. There is no other surgery or procedure available to
regrow cartilage. With PRP, it's likely I would be ""abled"" and could go back to
work. The system needs renewal.""Anna, I would say that most likely your doc is
selling your health for a couple bucks. Every time you get an injection it weakens
the surrounding tissue. But you don't notice it. You only notice it when the
steroids are done. And because of the weakness, things hurt and guess what, a
steroid shot sounds good. The truth is that Medicare pays for many many different
strategies fir pain management. I would consider finding a more reputable doctor
with a wider range of treatment alternatives. In fact there was a re bet court
case overtubing the ""improvement only requirement with Medicare, so a trip to a
physical theatpist might be more positive than before.""Debra, I did physical
therapy, chiropractor, you name it. Nothing works on pinched nerves except
relieving the pressure by getting some kind of cushioning like cartilage (PRP
therapy which Medicare doesn't cover) or numbing the nerve (steroids). I am well
aware that steroids destroy tissue. I am doing everything I can think of (because I
cannot hold a job due to my physical condition) to scrape pennies together so I can
get the PRP treatment. It's an uphill battle. One of the most challenging things
about pain is that it is difficult for others to relate because they cannot see the
pain. It seems no amount of my verbalizing my limitations can override their visual
perception.""Did your doctor tell you that it takes a minimum of one year to
recover from the harm caused by steroids. Because that's what the board certified
endocrinologists I have seen say is the case. if you talk to endos, they have a
very different view of steroids than the rest of the medical community, which IMO
is pretty
steroid happy. You could end up spending your money to fix what the steroids
did.""Debra, Believe me I have the same concerns about taking steroids injections
and appreciate where you are coming from. I am not spending my money (depleted in
first years of being disabled due to failure to diagnose). I am spending your money
through Medicare and get what they cover that works for me. If you were in
excruciating pain, would you continue to suffer, seek euthanasia or take steroids
to provide relief during some months of the year? I would seek euthanasia without
the steroids. Again, I am doing what I can to come up with private money for PRP
as a disabled person still ill including reviewing my options to be able to file a
medmal suit given the two year statute of limitations. I need pro bono legal aid
which is non existent for complicated cases. I've been working on studying medical
books and the law to determine my rights the last 10 years as a disabled person. I
was a successful commercial real estate broker working for a publicly traded real
estate investment trust before I was fired for being too sick to perform my
supervisory duties adequately. In Virginia, anyone can be terminated for any reason
at any time. It's a ""right to work"" state.""If we were harmed by a criminal in
the street, we would get support and compensation, yet if the perpatrator has a