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learn all I could about what/who I was really dealing with. Without knowing
who/what I was really up against I could not take the steps necessary to protect
myself from predation--at least as much as was possible. Later, when the FBI agents
came to my house, I showed them the films and they told me to put those films in a
safe place and leave them there, that they were evidence of a crime--and to tell
anyone else I knew who had such films to do the same.""If the same people who have
the capability of creating, teaching, and enforcing the criminal abuse in medicine
would turn that same effort into creating a clean system ALL sides would have
something to be proud of. Just look at all the WORK it takes to juggle x-ray
tampering, falsifying lab results, training and policing the minions and keeping
them in line...what if that all just stopped? Just stopped cold? No more lying. No
more cover-up. No more tampering. No more threats. No more abuse. Just stop. Tell
the truth, always. No matter what it is. Just tell the absolute truth and let the
recipient deal with it as it stands. If my surgeon had just told me the truth I
wouldn't have liked it but I would have dealt with it as it stood and moved on in
peace eventually. I would not have gotten stuck in the quagmire of increasing
criminal activity that holds me captive even to this very day. I wouldn't have lost
trust and wouldn't feel like I have to keep my back to the wall at all times, would
have been able to pursue the treatment of my own choosing and gotten it early when
it would have done the most good. What does a person DO with a betrayal of this
magnitude?""Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta wrote: Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta About
the Amanda Trujillo situation: I have noticed that people with terminal illnesses
are being HEAVILY targeted by the teaching hospitals for use in student surgery
training. Dying people are getting all kinds of surgeries they do not need, done
solely for student training purposes. The teaching hospitals get paid to train
residents and have to gather enough warm bodies for their students to practice
surgery on--and they are conning/coercing terminal people into surgery they don't
need to meet this demand. ""New Medicine"" with its utilitarian ethics teach ""you
can't break what is already broken"" as justification for putting the people they
target through the expense and pain of unnecessary surgery. I personally know four
people this was done to; in each case these people were told they ""needed""
whatever was being trained at the teaching hospital THEN told they had
terminal/inoperable cancer or whatever it was AFTER. All these people were injured
at the unnecessary surgery (three gallbladder removals and one heart operation)
thus shortening their already-shortened lives and adding suffering to what was
already being suffered, adding cost to what was already costing plenty. No
conscience. No morals.Andrew Lopez""This article ties in nicely to the point you
are making. Amanda's employer, Banner Health Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun City,
Arizona was in the middle of a major expansion of their ""Liver Transplant""
program. The procedure Amanda was fired for discussing with her patient.Healthcare
for People Not for Profit: Transplants and Amanda Trujillo, Center for Health,
Media & Policy:""Banner Del E Webb is one of only three liver centers in Arizona,
and the only one that appears to be aggressively expanding their liver transplant
program (the link takes you to a site where you have to build your own report). In
2011 Banner performed 50% more liver transplants than the year before, while the
other centers showed no change.AZGS-TX1 Banner Medical Ctr.
70 in 2011; 46
in 2010
Clinic Hospital
- 59 in 2011; 60 in 2010 AZUA-TX1 University
Medical Ctr.
- 16 in 2011; 20 in 2010Banner has also heavily invested in their
ability to perform surgeries, and ���recently completed a 136,000 square foot
expansion and renovation designed by HKS, Inc. hosting 20 state-of-the-art
operating rooms, 76 preoperative and postoperative bays��� as part of four $300
million construction projects that started around 2010."" Lopez""Marshall Allen considering the
last six months of a patients life are the most expensive to the healthcare system,
do you think the abusive practice of ordering
expensive and medically futile procedures is worth looking into? Andrew Lopez""Do
you think that facilities that silence patient advocates and destroy careers in the
name of profits merit more than a passing glance? I can guarantee you, this is a