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up for voting that need their attention.If you are not able to get any of them for
your show, I will discuss. Maybe Marshall can join.""Ok Cary I will love to have
you on to talk about it. I spoke with Matt Glazer with Progress Texas out of
Austin who is working on ALEC as well. Can you check with Marshall and see if he
would be interested in being on the show to discuss it. Please send me your e-mail
so I can send you the request to be a guest form. It is for documentation. Thank
you,""Marshall, please join this call. I can speak to this subject but I would
like someone from Propublica on board for moral support."Hi Cary I have Phillip
Martin from Progress Texas who said he will call in and talk about ALEC so just
join in on the conversation.Cary you will be able to talk and ask questions
too......"Excellent. I can tie in liability limitation within ALEC to my brother's
death. In his case, liability worked as it should but ALEC seeks to change that in
the name of protecting business interests. It is the real-life impact of ALEC
crafted bills that are missing in the shadows of state government; until it is too
late."Great we need the transparency. This is what is needed."Deirdre, please PM
me.""Deirdre, need you to message me in FB about calling in.""It's International
Infection Prevention Week. The CDC is circulating this - a nurse who saw it from
the other side when her own husband suffered a preventable infection: ""In
healthcare, we often think of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in terms of
what they mean for our healthcare organization. As an infection preventionist, I
know I did��� until an HAI affected my family. I wonder: Do we really stop and
think about the impact of HAIs on patients and their families? Are we putting
enough emphasis on the most important aspect of preventing HAIs���the patients
and families?"""Thanks for reposting!|topnews|text|
FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1"I am observing that the patient is almost never a factor
in outcome planning for delivery of health care services. We really need to begin
with the patient and attack a plan for outcomes, working back from there. NOT
rocket science.""Could it be
that we get what we PAY for ? We do not pay for outcomes, we pay for activities.
First rule of continuous improvement - never, never confuse activity with
non-response shows the real intent of its lawsuit against web page."There's precedent case law federal and state
First Amendment - refer to EFF ( Electronic Frontier Foundation ) there will be
other sources - should not have to reinvent wheel in the local court - who's the
firm's legal handlers?"Also New York's Civil Rights Law, section 74. Thanks!"
"California refers to the SLAPP and anti-SLAPP [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public
Participation] We have a local litigious CEO Tri-City Healthcare (Hospital)
District who time after time continues to fail in courts will pursue because ""the
board said I could ! "" - Run you down, if not run you out!!!"""New York also has
anti-SLAPP law. But it only applies to government entities."Good information here,
What about Az"Oops can a person use the hospital name in a website nameI think so.
The words are proper words - not a made up name. And I took it first. I also made
the hospital admit that it had not registered any of the variations of its name.
"Read the description of this book. It describes the sadistic doctor who took great
pleasure in causing me so much pain and suffering, after tricking me into
unnecessary radical hysterectomy for training practice.""Alabama mothers who have
had a poor experience in a hospital should be allowed to birth with a midwife,
without fearing their midwife will risk prosecution.""This is the book where Dr Phil Hammond said,
""The system is still geared to protecting doctors' reputations rather than
protecting patients from unnecessary harm."" His first book called, ""Trust Me I'm
a Doctor"" was written 20 years before this one, and you will be shocked at the
disgusting things they got up to in medical school. It made me sick."This article
is a reminder that this election matters - for reasons including the prevention of