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at 8 pm on tuesday is actually accounted for on Wednesday when the nurse comes in
for the next shift, Either the pharmacy was playing games or the nurses had a side
job dealing, because the number of doses recorded in the charts did not square with
what mom actually got--mom was constantly shorted, yet restrained for 20 days due
to inadequate medication. The paperwork was more than hinky. It was replete with
red flags. Medicare did not care. DEA did not care. The state of Virginia did not
care. So, in the scale of things that call for government spending, the sorts of
things you are talking about aren't a priority. There are much bigger fish to fry.
And if a place like inova doesn;t care about someone not accounting for scheduled
narcotics, they most certainly aren't going to care about figuring out why noncritical meds aren't on time. And by the way, an hour delay is not considered, in
general, a medical error.""In my findings I have found that the information is not
being reported. According to the Joint Commission adverse incidents are supposed
to be reported if the hospital gives the doctors 30 days, well there is where the
manipulation begins. The hospitals starting giving 29 or less days which means
they don't have to report it. The Joint commission claims on their website that it
is urged but not necessary for them to report it and if someone else reports it
they will investigate but the information is confidential, and this is the real
problem I had, they claimed they destroy the evidence."Oh this just makes me so
upset and angry these doctors and hospitals are not held accountable for the
horrible things they do. They bankrupt us patients ruin our lives and the lives of
our families and yet they still get paid. They gave it made. You can complain to
the doctors the hospitals the board of medicine contact lawyer after lawyer just to
be told there's nothing we can do. These doctors and hospitals get away with it and
they know that they have messed up not even an apology. Then you hear the cost of
healthcare is so much because of the malpractice insurance they have to pay....what
they cannot be sued. It's like all these doctors and hospitals the board of
medicine these lawyers the insurance the drug companies they all work together the
system is fixed so that these doctors know they will not e held accountable and
they can give you whatever crappy treatment they want and guess what you still got
to pay or it even though you have lost everything you job your insurance savings
family your home and cars but the docs still got their money they still have their
fancy house cars families vacations and most of all their life. Something has to
change these bad doctors and hospitals have to e held accountable."Amy Houck, you
see the picture. They get paid when they do it right, and they extract several
times more from the victim when they do it wrong. I can't think of any other
business that has created as part of it's business model such a wicked advantage."
"I was tricked by a group of corrupt doctors running a racket, because they needed
guinea pigs for surgeons-in-training to practice on. They botched it which cost me
and the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and destoyed my life. I wrote to a
number of complaints depts., including the government Minister of Health and my
local member or parliament, etc. They all sided with the corrupt doctors, who lied
through their teeth, and falsified my medical records, etc. We, in Australia,
haven't got a hope in hell of getting redress, let alone justice. The system sides
with the doctors and does everything to shut the patients up, including
blacklisting them, and spreading rumours about them. It will be a cold day in hell
before the patients are heard and validated.""June Gardner, it's an international
problem. I wonder if there is any country one can go to relative to your home
country, where those doctors would tell you the truth and not first be loyal to the
cover-up.""Australian health minister shocked to find out he was kept in the dark
about a fatal medical malpractice investigation, forces disclosure with a
ministerial directive."The group of doctors running this hysterectomy
racket have it honed down to a fine art. They have got away with it for decades and
have covered their tracks with lie after lie after lie. That is probably why the
complaints depts. said the doctors did nothing wrong.the topic of this group is
patient safety. Not Obama spin.Health care fraud has a human face too. Individual
victims of health care fraud are sadly easy to find. These are people who are
exploited and subjected to unnecessary or unsafe medical procedures."Healthcare