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Transcript""It causes
me great sorrow to have to say that there are copyright issues with this material.
Unless this matter is resolved, I would urge members of this community to exercise
caution in their use of this publication."My virus scanner is showing a trojan
horse.Hello all: This is to say that the copyright issues on the Empowered Patient
Guide to Hospital Care and The Patient Journal have been resolved. Please feel
free to use these publications under the existing joint copyright to Julia Hallisy
and Helen Haskell."Debra, so is mine."I have checked with my web hosting service
and they assure me that there is no problem on our end as far as a virus. If you
message me I can always send you a pdf if that makes you feel more comfortable.
"Please visit this site and sign the petition to regulate coroner and medical
examiner. They are unaccountable to anyone - they can send innocent to prison with
an incorrect cause of death and a guilty go free when they refuse to investigate a
suspicious death. It could be your loved one..."
thank you for your assistance - with a little assistance we can get attention of
our legislators."I can't sign this petition because a window opens, and it says it
is contacting facebook, but the window never completely loads. Can you post this
petition on a site that simply has one put their name and info?"it won't let me
sign . is this because i am canadianHope you've been - and will be - following the
#MedX tweetstream. Excellent content coming out of Stanford.And another"And we see
in action, the Medicare rule that if there is news coverage of a mistake, we handle
it differently....""Might I suggest that each medical person
and hospital administrator who was involved in this fiasco voluntarily donate a
kidney if medically able as a demonstration of their sincere apology for this
situation. Surgeon, hospital management, nurse. Perhaps they could start a chain
that will get this guy a new kidney."Using ROBOTIC since it is so SAFE.Doctors who
make serious mistakes or behave unprofessionally stand a much better chance of
being disciplined in Alaska than Mississippi.The Minnesota Board of Medical
Practice has done the worst job of disciplining doctors in the nation"Since 1998
I've been observing District Hospitals in California (48), and other states e.g.,
Washington, Idaho, Montana, No & So Dakota, Texas, Minnesota, etc., with publicly
elected boards with revenue from taxpayers - who hire the CEO (Chief Executive
Officer) to manage the hospital. In California it appears the
CEOs (Control Elected Officials) are managing the elected boards and the (COS Chief of Staff) Medical Executive to keep costs down for the CEO's year-end
bonuses, as they tag team pushing ""real"" peer review out the door, failing to
report adverse and sentinel events, all in the name of risk. In confidence, I'd
appreciate learning more from California members and those from other states what
you have identified in the area of peer review and lack of or it's impact on
patients who have been the subject of medical errors, negligence, turned into
futile care. Contact""By the way I'm not a Journalist I'm a controversial elected official with a ballot designation of ""Consumer Health
Analyst"" who sits on a District Hospital Board for 12 years, with 7 members with a
majority of medical (doctor, nurses, pharmacist, accountant for physicians &
groups) and plenty of quid pro quos to go around for those in bed. Needless to say,
I was their target as I stood up for obvious common sense over padding pockets.
Having the experience of working with professionals over the last thirty years I've
fulfilled the requirement of representing or advocating for Consumers on medically
dominated boards, a federally mandated California Medicaid committee, a federal OIG
task force, regional health planning board and committees, the 2-plan model pilot
programs established to move Calif. Medicaid into managed care, and represented the
US as a consumer with medical professionals affiliated with the United Nations as a
think tank in Norway evaluating, comparing and contrasting systems. I've stood up
for what is right for Consumers only to find Consumers not engaged locally to help
me with holding their local hospital district and CEO accountable. Corruption at
this hospital is very deep, and I chose not to run for another four years as I
decided I will do more for Consumers in another way. Knowledge is power and I now