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and thinkyour conscious is clear we are all accountable for our actions I think I
am ready to writemy book now........""Of the patients with legitmate grievances,
only one in some thousands can get a lawyer anyway. See:""Or like me, you recklessly choose a lawyer who agrees to a
contingency and they only fight for mediation and settlement instead of the trial.
My lawsuit has every substantive document, expert witness, other dentist's stating
my former dentist practiced below the standard of care but you have to fight the
Board's ability to ""lawyer up"" with the help of the AG that conditionally
licenses these incompetent, grossly negligent dentists that repeat their harmful
patterns as long as they pay all of these hourly fees to investigators, attorneys,
probation monitors and Board fees. The Board doesn't want to appear they didn't
oversee the dentist being disciplined because it proves the Board failed to
supervise as the Probationer Dentist harms yet another victim.""Lawyers and doctors
are not adversaries; they are simply different ""offices"" of one big self-serving
club which includes government, law enforcement, mainstream media and so on--the
lawyers protect the doctors from consequences of their malfeasance and in exchange
the doctors do not use the lawyers or their families for green student surgery
training or experimentation. Media is rewarded for keeping a tight lid on the worst
of it and law enforcement looks the other way.""The lawyers that represent the
victims work towards the AG's goal...the goal is to protect the licensing boards'
functions that secure the revenue stream that results from patient harm/malpractice
lawsuits. This is why incompetent/dangerous/grossly negligent dentists/doctors are
relentlessly licensed...if they aren't reinstated these ""offices"" won't collect $
$$.""Some states have what they call a three-strikes law where if a doctor gets
three plaintiff wins tolled against them in court they automatically lose their
license. That is why so many cases are settled instead of prosecuted. That is why
it is cheaper to pay lawyers not to accept valid medical malpractice cases
especially those involving criminal activity. That is one of the things that
incentivizes a cover-up, hiding injuries, falsifying lab reports and x-ray
tampering, patient abuse, denying proper aftercare.""Absolutely Elizabeth Eugenia long as the dental records are ""lost"" or the probation monitoring
reports from the Dental Board are ""lost"" the victim of repeated gross negligent
conduct will lose too.""The doctors are incentivized to do anything to keep those
""strikes"" from building. ANYTHING, even murder."I know the Dental Board acts in
concert with my former dentist because they have even more incentive to APPEAR as
though they are fulfilling their duty to protect the public with their
enforcement/probationer monitoring staff to keep those budgets coming in...they
can't possibly oversee the hundreds of Probationer Dentists in every dental office!
Heck I just go to the CEOs directly I email them... last thing they want is a
lawsuit. One hospital told me to report their MDs to Board and their facility to
GET RECORDS KEEP THEM AND KNOW WHATS GOING ON!The Joint Commission is a privatelyfunded non-government organization with no real policing power. The medical board
states they owe no duty to any individual and that they will actively respond to
complaints only if they come from other doctors or law enforcement."I can count on
one hand the cases where the system did work the way it is supposed to. I have been
doing this work for 20 years, have a box filled with blow-off responses from myriad
entities, and nobody has more documentation and concrete evidence than I have
collected--but my topic involves massive criminal activity, collusion, and the
torture, robbery, and murder of thousands of trusting innocent people wantonly
sacrificed to the training needs of a whole surgical community who needed to meet
their certification requirements as quickly as possible at any cost in human life.
I have a blow-off letter from the Joint Commission saying they ""didn't see
anything"" when they did a hospital inspection after I clearly stated I, and the
other injury victims, held the evidence in our possession--evidence of signatures
being transferred,
x-ray tampering, lab report falsification, patient abuse...The medical board tried
to steal evidence they asked me to bring in. Laws and rules are only as good as
those enforcing them.""The Battle Over Healthcare - A thought provoking book about