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off. its been nine years for me and the closer i got to finding out what happened
to me the more obstacles I got and even recently i found out many are still lying
so that I couldnt get help, luckily for me there are a few that didnt fully shut
the door and hopefully within the next month or so my story will get told....the
more ""people"" ""the public"" hear our stories and learn about the lengths that
were taken not to help medically, financially, emotionally many of us and the
amount of deception and malice involved...... I think we will see some major
changes. A few stories here and there or an error and a fix within a week or so
does impact people but on a smaller scale but people like us that have been harmed
and then lied to or manipulated for YEARS, those of us who we find out even the
people who knew the truth or were on our sides were behind the scenes setting us up
or telling different stories I think this will force major action. Money controls
everything and for those of us that have been involved in these injuries where the
damage and costs involved are in the millions and didnt need to be......people will
start to see how drastic it needs to change. Call me gullible, call me naive but i
do believe its possible. They got the best of me for the longest time and truly
had me beat, every corner I turned there was a stronger oponent more
powerful is our time to matter, i think when we group together the way a
few of us have and propose our stories they are starting to listen.....a package
deal approach is working and hopefully we can stop one or many from having to
endure what we have.......i fear for my daughter (our children) with our healthcare
system the way it is and I pray we can change that before our children have to
endure our corrupt system.""Mentions in particular Michigan's drug immunity law, as
well as the WIand NC bills. And ALEC."I mentioned this exact scenario occuring on
Deidre's show last week."It's every patient's nightmare. You go through a high-risk
diagnostic test or even surgery -- sometimes with pain, side effects or even
serious problems -- and find out later you didn't need it. Someone you trusted,
your physician, put financial gain ahead of your best interest. It's tough to
fathom, but this week's news shows it really can happen."This happens far too
often. And it's getting worse instead of better! I talk to people everyday who tell
me they were operated on only to find out later they didn't need surgery.the use of
cat scans is a exaple of this overuse.The doctors actualy are the ones who own the
equipment here I heard awhile ago.Anyone who has adominal pain gets one even though
a any confident doctor can diagnosis with out just as good"I can not stand articles
like this. It shifts the burden to the patient. A cardiac condition and the
layperson is supposed to get online and find out all they can?!? A CARDIAC
Or any condition that is making a patient S-I-C-K. People are
SICK when they go to a doctor. I don't want to know what a doctor knows. I'm
sick. I want quality care. That's why I go see a doctor -- to make me feel
better. When the doctor screws me up, don't place the burden on ME becasue I
didn't do the crap in this article. How cruel to even suggest that patients must
do their own ""quality control"" review.
""Make sure you ask the right questions
boys and girls."" OH COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK!
How can a sick person even
muster the focus?? So, let me get this straight, on the one hand a patient is
supposed to take so much control over their health care and ""play doctor"" and do
all this exhaustive research about their care and treatment . . . but on the other
hand, if something screws up by the health care provider all of a sudden the
patient doesn't know a damn thing becasue they're not a ""medical expert""?!?!?!?!?
Oh laughter in, indeed, the best medicine. I'm LMFAO on this one. There are TEN
bullet points in the article for patients -- TEN. I'm sick. I don't have the
strength or the energy to do this crap. I go to a doctor because I'm sick. If the
doctor can't do their job, if they lie to patients and bilk insurance, then get rid
of them and stop protecting them. If they are so ""human"" then FIRE THEM when
they screw up. If they play the insurance system and order tests that don't need
to be ordered and do procedures that aren't medically necessary -- AUDIT THEM and
be punitive. But for the love of all that is Holy . . . don't -- DO NOT -- make it
the patients' burden and responsibility to get health care providers to perform
their jobs honestly, with integrity and with care/compassion. It is NOT the