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system is broken. We have to fix the system and get those that are injured the
diability benefits they deserve and force the doctors and their insurance companies
to accept responsibility. Why should our government have to pay SSDI benefits for
the injury of incompetent doctors. You totally miss the point and I hope you will
join us in making the medical community and insurance companies pay when they
should so as to get them out of the market when they injure or refuse to pay. It
is people like you that don't get it that are harming those of us that were injured
even if you are also a victim. I hope you will reevaluate your position."I AGREE
that it is the MD and the hospital who need to be held FULLY RESPONSIBLE for their
negligence. Until the LAWS change, however, it's a losing battle, from the start.
The hospital where I had my surgery wasn't sued, as my attorneys KNEW I'd have NO
CHANCE of even getting a tiny settlement from them - they're the #2 corporation in
Oregon (even IF they are technically a non-profit)! That's how CORRUPT our state
is - a ""non-profit"" can become the #2 business in the state! How does that
happen? By allowing that religious group to own their own INSURANCE COMPANY, along
with their own substitute ""bank"" (in the form of a Credit Union)! There's been
MASSIVE corruption, at all levels of the state government, to allow THAT pile of
crap to come into existence!There's NO ETHICAL reason why anyone OTHER than the
surgeon and hospital where I was injured SHOULD be held accountable for how I was
maimed and left permanently disabled. No ""criminal"" could get away with doing
that to another person. However, since an MD is ""licensed to operate a scalpel"",
instead of a motor vehicle, s/he can DO AS s/he WISHES here!""Janiece Staton I'm
very sorry for you. Thank you for sharing your story. You wrote: ""Going up
against the LARGEST LAW FIRM in the State of Oregon, when one is SEVERELY ILL and
PERMANENTLY DISABLED, not to mention newly impoverished, is one of the most SOULCRUSHING EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE!"" -- This pretty much sums it up. It is soulcrushing!! This is the insult to injury that patients here in Oregon, and in the
nation, endure. And most people do not understand how devastating it is in all
aspects of ones life. It is unduly cruel, as a patent, to go through this. It
happened to me, although the defense firm wasn't #1, they were still very
aggressive and cruel. I suffered and they billed off my pain and suffering, as ALL
defense lawyers do.""Veronica James I too know the pain. I was poisoned by
gadolinium based contrasting agents and GE's product is the least stable of all of
them which I had 11 times. They have admitted liability but still they fight the
lawsuits and most of us can't get a diagnosis because the manufacturers of most of
the gadolinium based contrasting agents paid for the diagnostic guidelines, which
eliminates 99% of all of us that were harmed. According to the manufacturers and
doctors, If we wave our magic wand and say they are not sick well everyone will
believe us and the victims will go off and die somewhere without compensation,
without us having to own what we did or take responsibility. There, problem solved
so says GE and others like them. And radiologists and other doctors alike are
saying that they eliminated the disease when people are still being harmed and
still being injected with the toxic metal that never should have been approved by
the FDA in the first place.
The predatory healthcare industry must be stopped, it
is serious and it is killing people and precious and scarce resources are being
used to harm patients for profit. My only hope is that we focus on how to fix the
system. To minimize someone's pain and suffering by telling them, ""it's okay some
old doctors are okay"" is not my idea of validating someone's pain. I feel
invalidated daily by those that say things like this to me. It's time to stop and
listen to the pain of others and not minimize their pain. It is then we will begin
to understand and change the system. My hope is that we change the broken parts of
the system and it is why I am here. Old doctors don't need our support but harmed
patients do.""Read this heart wrenching Motion for Expedited Trial, GE was counting
on the mortality of this disease."Sharon Hanson was the motion granted?I don't believe so. My
understanding is GE is covering this up and may have settled all the cases with
pennies of what should have been their liability. Some say the trial lawyers did
very well and now won't take anymore cases. If I want to sue I'll have to do it
myself pro se and I may do just that."I've just read these heart wrenching stories