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PRESUMED I had cancer and nothing anywhere in my records or dx had kidney cancer,
then clearly proceeded to do surgery and remove a kidney, without disclosing any
such info to me or my family, they even announced to my family immediately after
surgery I was CANCER FREE.""Georjean Parrish of Sepsis - Georjean
Parrishwww.sepsisalliance.orgGeorjean Parrish began a long fight with sepsis, which
started after surgery. She is still living with the after effects of several
medical issues.""Last year, the same research group reported that most physicians
in some specialties face malpractice claims at some point in their careers,
although nearly 80% fail to pay off for plaintiffs. More recently, Jena and
colleagues wrote that physicians hit with malpractice suits spent an average of
$23,000 defending themselves, again varying with the outcome and the physician's
specialty""But cases don't close quickly. The mean time to resolve a malpractice
claim was 19 months -- 25.1 months for those that were litigated in court and 11.6
months for those settled without judicial involvement, and much longer for cases
that progressed to a verdict. Claims won by the physician took 39 months before a
verdict; those the plaintiff won took 43.5 months"Even sadder is the fact that most
patients aren't even able to file a malpractice case because of all the laws and
bylaws put into place"I know all about it, unfortunately.""More frustrating is that
the Dental Boards/Medical Boards, Department of Consumer Affairs, Attorneys,
investigators acknowledging the harmful conduct will collect exorbitant fees
investigating for lengthy periods of time as the dentists/doctors continue
practicing without their patients being informed of the established harmful conduct
of these dentists/doctors""So here's healthcare in America considered the safest
place in the world the land of the free and the brave the land we lovingly call
home it starts out as a need to get medical attention then if something goes wrong
or something is missed and it's the fault of a doctor 90 percent of the time now if
Amit's not fixed or admitted your life has now been ruined your new life of hell
has begun it includes a fun amusement ride where you are put on and you never get
off until you die each stop is another doctor sometimes there's a fun twist you go
round and round back to the same ones like a tilt a whirl or merry go round then it
gets more exciting we begin the carnival game where you pop the balloon with darts
except you are the balloon the doctors are the darts you start by it being
insinuated that it's not true or you are really not that sick just in case
yourballoon doesn't pop we then begin lets see the psychologist round maybe it's
your perception or u have deep seated issues from childhood or the biggest prize
would be conversion disorder or munchausen version for the pt or the supreme prize
is an admittance to a facility God forbid""..... Ok we aren't done yet once those
stops on the park. Monarail are done lets say you try to do something legally well
good luck with that they don't want to let you transfer to that ride who knows the
doctor or the best is we cant help until YOU find a doctor who will putintowriting
he or she butchered me and even better it has to be the cause of everything wrong
the best is if it's a patient that has really suffered or if the problem lasted for
a long time it makes it even easier not only do we want you their colleague to say
all that and know you are breaking the code we now want you to say it about all the
doctors hospitals etc that missed it so we want you to risk your life andwellbeing
to bury all your colleagues and some friends all from somesilly little prize
(helping a patient) there you have it we have officially made it so no
one will help unless they have a conscience and believe there is a god and some
accountability will occur and this is what if you are lucky leads up to what the
article said those I the article are the only few that managed to pass all these
stops on the ride then they get to the point where they go intothelegal system and
most lose.......just read the article so tell me what or why would anyone fix the
patient or try. To help? The system benefits those who don't it benefits those who
make the mistake why not gamble and do what youwant it's easier that way and just
think you only kill a few patients each and ruin their family's lives it's ok
though just move right onto thenext stop you go to a carnival or
aMusement park think of this whether u r a judge a lawyer a politician a doctor
lawmaker, in healthcare etc and please don't think it's easier to go with the flow