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this group. If she could share her story here and find others who know she's
telling the truth, it would help to validate what she's going through at least..."
"She deserves so much's so sad that non compliant dentists and the
Dental Board members keeping them licensed make victims of dental abuse and neglect
suffer an additional level of pain when seeking assistance to ""correct/address""
the irreparable damage. We pay dearly both physically and financially and damages
that affect our entire health"I truely dont understand why when a dr really causes
someone to code when they over dose them on meds you cant do any thing about it !
Its truely rediculious! I myself died on june 12 th of this yr evens tho they
resesitated me i know i died but because there was no so called long term physical
empediment or long term so called suffering (but what about mental suffering im
scared to ever go into surgery again) so the dr goes scott free no one here will
take my case i think its just crazy an i was done unjustly an lived to tell about
it ! PRAISE MY GOD that i did everyday!"You are here for a reason Patty. Just like
we all are. I too am petrified to ever have surgery again, since I was horrendously
butchered by a group of doctors who needed a guinea pig for experimentation and
training practice."I have the same anxietiesI'm sorry that happened to you Patty. I
hope you are doing OK now. I too am afraid of surgery and yet my body is falling
apart ever since I took Levaquin. I will need surgeries again and again. My life is
so painful now I'm not as worried as I used to be. Death does not seem so bad
anymore.Did the doctor ever apologize?Very sad that you say death does not seem so
bad anymore Mark but I think many of us here feel the same way sometimes:(If i
hadnt been worthy of the LORD wanting me back here id not been here i have to give
him all the praise an glory! Keep your faith an KNOW that GOD is your savior he
loves us all ! I still think about it and i hope it never comes to that again but
if it does i know whose on my side! GOD BLESS YOU MARK!"God gave us free will. I
didn't listen to my will. I let unscrupulous doctors force their will onto me, and
I suffer the appalling damage they inflicted on me every single day. I too pray to
God, but my prayers are for Justice, and it will take a miracle for justice to
prevail in a system geared to protect the perpetrators.""Even with all of Davita's
known problems, legal dilemmas and history of dismissals, our State Commissioner of
DHHS signed the Certificate of Need approval for them to come and run Eastern Maine
Medical Center's clinics. Money/profits over patients is a very frightening thing."
"Agree Kathy, profits over patients is frightening... I think many of us are facing
this reality now."sorryplease call in"Hi everyone,I'm new to this community, and
really grateful to have found it. Does anyone have any personal experience with or
resources about cardiac catheterization-induced heart attacks (from blood clots)?
In solidarity,Laura""Hi Laura, Here is an Informed Consent for cardiac
catheterization with risk potentials:""Hi
Doug Hall thanks for the link. yes, a consent form was signed, although it's my
belief that full information was not orally given to the person... i guess i'm
curious to hear if others have had this experience, or know someone who has, and if
so, if they were successful with medical malpractice?""A thorough Informed Consent
is difficult, at best, during an emergency. There are risks to be balanced with the
expected benefit for every procedure. I'm not an attorney but I want to make a
friendly reminder that negative outcomes do not necessarily mean there has been
negligence. Here is a link for the evidence requirements to pursue medical
malpractice:""I was bullied, threatened, totally mislead and misinformed into a
unnecessary radical hysterectomy by deceptive and fraudulent practices by
unscrupulous doctors, Laura, but the whole system sided wth the doctors, so I had
no hope in hell of getting any compensation. Most of the injured patients I talked
too, said they would not have had the surgery, if they had been properly informed."
"Very very few harmed patients are successful with medical malpractice because of
tort reform. In my case, there was no emergency and yet my former doctor admitted
he purposely had me sedated so he could purposely obtain consent for my elective
surgery from someone other than me so he could purposely remove healthy organs. He
even stated there were certainly no signs I had cancer! He admitted he castrated me