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the judge assigned to hear the motions in my lawsuit is related (by marriage) to a
partner in the defense firm. Of course my case got just far enough to allow the
defense firm's billable hours to profit, I estimate, $150,000 in ""defense"" of my
suit. Then it was tossed out on a ""technicality."" Ironic how my lawsuit was
allowed to play out for fun and profit -- all on my pain and suffering! It was
allowed to proceed to a certain point, then the judge knew it was time to play
gatekeeper and denied my civil rights to trial. The incestuous nature of the judge
and the defense firm . . . yup, no wonder attorneys in the Portland Metro area
aren't taking on medical injury cases. And if these judges were not so insulated
and protected, any other form of conspiracy on this level would be investigated on
RICO charges. The two most powerful CARTELS in the United States of America are
the ABA and the AMA. Don't kid yourself to think this isn't a double-headed snake.
Don't kid yourself that patients aren't bitten twice. -- That is PSYCHOLOGICAL
strangeness. The cruel nature of this two-headed monster who made a lot of money
off my injuries. The medical community billed over $111,000 for ""services
rendered"" (botched surgery and ""revision""). The legal defense firm probably
billed $150,000+, easy! I'm guessing over $260,000 was billed off MY medical /
legal issues. And me . . . the injured patient? Zip, zero, nada, dodly squat . .
, oh wait . . . here's what I got: my body my body permanently damaged, I
couldn't work for about a year, all my savings were drained, I was forced to file
bankruptcy to save the assets I do have, in May 2011 I literally had $75 cash -that was it! How's that for weird psychological treatment?!?""I think the problem
is the system. It is built around profiting by treating symptoms and fee for
service so the more services the more profit. Doctors have become incentivized to
never cure. Profits from cradle to grave are built into the long-term plans and
forecasts of the pharmaceutical companies, medical device and equipment
manufacturers. It is up to us to educate and change the system as sick as we are,
health permitting and if you are committed to making the system better for all.
One way is to get involved in what treatments are allowed for reimbursement by the
insurance companies and we have our work cut out for us because I believe the AMA
controls the diagnostic codes used for billing. I never pass up an opportunity to
speak about what happened and the cancer fear mongering I allowed myself to buy
into. One of the ways we can do this is by convincing policy holders how much it
is costing them and getting them to connect the dots. Not an easy feat but one
that has been made easier by the complexity we're been forced to digest with the
banks. Once those with pensions realize their pensions are gone they will fight to
reel in the banks and stop blaming homeowners. Once those paying premiums for
health insurance can't afford the premiums due to the predatory and deleterious
treatments provided they will get it and change the paradigm.""You don't have to be
sick to be harmed by doctors. You only have to trust them. They will find illness
where none exists, and fabricate non-existent cancer, etc.. to trick you into
unnecessary procedures, and if they botch it and leave you crippled in agony for
the rest of your life, all the better. They get rich trying to repair the damage
they inflicted for personal gain in the first place....... Also, Doug, what you
said is very good advice. What a shame we have to be harmed before we realize
that.""Yes, by many of my doctors. But only when I got well enough to start asking
questions. Then when I got my medical records to find out my pcp willfully witheld
information and later documented in my records by a fellow dr. I found more
information in the weeks prior to my surgery. Even the terminology of ""volatile
combination of drugs, with an order to terminate one of them"" This was the same
combination the pharmacy flagged when dispensing and per record the Dr and said to
fill.""I went in to have a kidney stone removed during a Day Surgical procedure, in
2005. I was supposed to return to work the next day. It's now been more than
seven years and I'll NEVER be able to return to working as the RN, BSN or the MSW
clinical social worker, or the MAT-educated teacher that I was. The 72 year old
surgeon ripped my left ureter
out with the ureteroscope, THEN chopped my healthy left kidney out (without the
knowledge or consent of myself or my legally designated health care power of
attorney - my sister), which left me with paralysis of my left flank and stage 4