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org that's working on doing that. All of us who have experience with what I call
the healthcare car wash need to help other stay inside the car, not get strapped to
the hood ...""Sheila Kalkbrenner - to answer your question about what happened to
make them the way they are. Google: moral decline medical school. For example: especially this one: ""Vicarious empathy significantly
decreasedduring medical education (P # .001), especially after the first and third
apologize if this is a duplicate post."thanks for posting this. The patient groups I have
been in have been very sensitive to who is invited due to the sensitivities of data
mining. It is also true that many ""patient"" groups have nothing to do with
patients and have everything to do with corporate agendas. Its a wild world out
there.""Nursing-Sensitive Value-Based Purchasing
Nursing-sensitive value-based
purchasing has been proposed as an initiative that would help to promote optimal
staffing and practice environment through financial rewards and transparency of
structure, process, and patient outcome measures."Thanks for
adding me. My dad was in Clara Maass Hospital and developed Stage 4 bed sores. It
was a contributing factor in his death."Hi Jennifer Giuliano-Dahn, welcome to the
group. I'm sorry to hear about the harm your dad suffered. Will you please tell us
about it by completing our ProPublica Patient Harm Questionnaire? We use these
questionnaires to track issues and stories that we need to pursue as we write about
these topics. Thanks to you, and others, for completing it:"I'm sorry Veronica.
It's a disgrace."Thank you Marshall. Yes, I will do that.""The book
""Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Tranparency Can
Revolutionize HealthCare"" by Marty Makary, MD (Bloomsbury Press) is now at number
10 on the Washington Post hardcover, non-fiction bestseller list."We saw Dr. Makary on his book tour and he is a
really nice guy.New study puts the cost of medical errors at a trillion dollars a
year. Extraordinary. does
it take for health care consumers to demand change?"Holy Double-Down, Batman! The
last time I read an article it was 100,000 patient deaths/year. This recent
article suggests 200,000/year. While these are very thorough in-depth studies,
once again, the costs to PATIENTS who have been harmed, and/or what happens to
PATIENTS after they have been harmed is not mentioned. For each gazillion
dollars/year spent, there is a patient behind the $ Dollar Sign but nary a mention
of the financial impact on them, the emotional toll, the aftermath of these
""errors."" Again, we get that there are medical errors, the stats are in. And
after 3 decades -- THIRTY YEARS -- PATIENTS are the ones getting harmed and still
no mention on how this all impacts them?!?!?!?!?!? It costs the U.S. $19.5
Billion/year to deal with these errors . . . but what is the cost to the
PATIENTS?!? Medical procedure: $10,000. Medical procedure gone wrong: $50,000.
Cost of harm to the patient: PRICELESS""Of the people I know who have died, over
half have died because of medical error.""Who would have ever thought that the day
would come when any of us could say what Debra said??? Unfortunately, I think many
of us could say this... Carla, you are so right.. The cost of medical harm to the
patient is indeed *PRICELESS*""All the money in the world can't bring your health
back, once it has been destroyed by doctors.""You'r right June... Once your health
is gone, life takes on a whole new meaning. Sickness and pain become a 'new
normal':("Death due to medical error is the number 3 cause of death in this
country. Third. More than Aids. More than breast cancer. but the medical
industry somehow make it stigmatized. And that is a second source of trauma."and
its even larger than that.....for every person reported there are two that have not
been reported or being blocked in every way to stay silent so their costs of their
error are not calculated....i pray for the day when help is more available and
action is truly implemented. It does seem like there are strides but we are so far