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I need not know specifically how you meet the criteria, only that you wish to make
contact with the researcher. Thank you in advance!""We were never told any of my doctors where
consultants, not even noted on their medical records, business cards or websites
and NEVER disclosed by the hospital. The only place I found the reference was on
the Intraoperative Patient care report: there is a specific section that has
Consultant(s) and guess who's name I found E.Castle.""What this practice is in
reality, however, is the result of a horrendous medical system that has engulfed
the United States.""Shannon Koob I couldn't agree with you more. The cancer
industrial complex does not want to cure cancer. If they did they would but there
is no profit in curing cancer so they poison us ensuring we can���t get away
from them until
we die. They want to control us from cradle to grave literally and our
politicians and the FDA work on behalf of their paymasters the medical industrial
Proteomics and Ovacheck could detect cancer early but that technology
(available since 2002) is being suppressed. It is corruption plain and simple and
why we will continue to be harmed by our healthcare system. By and large our
healthcare system is worse than worthless. Doctors feel they have a right to
extraordinary profits at our expense and pharmaceutical companies always, always
put profits before patient safety. The treatment recommendation for me a carrier
of the BRCA gene mutation is to hack my breasts off with a kitchen knife, cut out
my ovaries and uterus and pump me full of Tamoxifen, a known carcinogen. Because I
opted out I allowed myself to be fear mongered into getting injected with the
highly toxic gadolinium based contrasting agents and received about a dozen
injections. This is why I am now totally disabled and still they are injecting
people with this highly toxic metal of which at least 1% stays is retained.""In one
single disease affecting people with diabetes, I found Exhibit A of what's wrong
with the healthcare system. My column today.""Our story has made it to finland and
the Arab Times."
"Thanks for sharing this - in today's world, Americans get better news coverage in
foreign press. Wonder why?/s" True
story of my life."Yes, after much debate (!), the film went live a few hours ago.
You can see the film at the BMJ���s YouTube link below where, if you have good
bandwidth, you can see it at high quality and full screen:"Patty if you can listen to the show
tonight and if you could call in would be greatly appreciated. See the post.
Anyone you know tell them to call in and listen."I need you to all call in tonight
at 5:00 PM (CST) and ask questions on the show or make some comments. check the
post on ""LIFE Radio Show""""I am bothered by the refusal to treat you as well. It
is sad to me that as soon as you apparently began to receive Medicaid, the
willingness to treat you stopped. "" reply to complaint....UVA refused to treat me
once I lost my job and health insurance while still having a drain and stent left
inside me that was placed by their GI Dr Wang...bad medicine, bad doctors, bad
hospital"bad state regulators...Yep but hospital and doctors take no blame for the
harm they have caused...what can a person do?"That's because the Virginia
regulators generally cover for hospital. I would look further south -- the lawyers
there are a little less goosey.
Allen,Allen, Allen, and Allen is well respected.
There are others. Have all of your records before you go. if you don't have alot of
damages , they are not going to be too interested."I know it's wrong how they cover
it up...any ideas besides the allens?"Sandy waterman has a good site.
www.superlawyers is a good place to look. I used to have access to verdict
information, but I cut that off; I would google for verdict malpractice virginia
and see who has been getting good ones."Thanks so much will look into that"""Too
often healthcare is driven first by the needs of the hospital, insurers,
physicians, nurses, and departments than by the patient and family