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automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology.
Submitted reports and their resolution should be maintained in patient files for
examination and confirmation and should require that patient���s receive a copy
and confirm with their signature.Very Respectfully,Terri A LewisHealthCare
advocate""So glad to have found this board of like-minded individuals and that
MaryAlice McClarty's OpEd was posted. I caught up on a lot of your posts and I am
truly sorry and sickened. You are an inspiring group. Keep up the good work of
getting out information about the horrendous effects tort reform has on injured
people and their families. I will point out that I hesitated to join this board as
I will likely be accused of having an ""agenda,"" I am a plaintiffs lawyer that
regularly sues profit seeking companies that harm individuals - I am completely
biased because I see the injuries, many of which could and should have been
prevented, and I am not in the least bit embarassed about this bias. I am proud of
my work and I am so glad to see others working hard toward the same goal - justice
for those harmed.""Yes Jessica, we are all seeking justice for harmed patients!
Glad you joined...""Hospitals' lawsuit settlement exposed unhealthy deal.""Hey guys, noticed a lot of you posting
about the meningitis outbreak. Marshall Allen wrote a column last week that
provides some good context for the news; it explains compounding pharmacies, like
The New England Compounding Center, which made the steroid shots linked to the
outbreak. Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions.""Thank You New
York Times. Maybe you can find out why physicians use drugs for spinal procedures
when the package insert clearly states that they are not intended for epidural or
spinal use. Maybe you can tell us why those physicians are not held accountable for
ignoring FDA guidelines and why this is an ""acceptable standard"" of practice in
our current medical system.""Hello friends, I need
your help. I am in discussion with some senators on changing the bill with Tort
Reform, but I need you to send me your personal
letters of your trials and issues you suffered or family members suffered. I need
you to reach out across the country to friends, family and anyone you know who is
fighting this battle. My email is or fax is (877) 2073288. I also need you to send a letter to your state representative and the
senator of your state"When do u need this by?as soon as you canWhich bill and which
senators?God I pray we find justice since these representative and senator are
corrupt! God help us find honest powerful people to help us. It is our prayer <3
May God continue to bless you and hold them accountable for the death of your
daughter"thank you, Proposition 12 is what we voted for , but then they came up
with HB 4 that protects doctors. Now each state may have their representatives and
some senators working in the background with ALEC. Go to and
read how this work. The documentary will discuss the very reason why we do not
have a voice. I found that many representatives in Texas have backed out of ALEC
because the heat is heading their way. Our Governor and State Representative John
Zerwas however refuses to withdraw membership."So this pertains to Texas. Thanks!SO
true money blocks all morals and ethics yet I believe in time like all issues
justices wins and crooks go to jail. I rejoice EVERY time I see them go to jail <3
Thank God for the internet because it shows us their deeds if we look hard enough.
ALEC Full episode United States of ALEC---------"You can go to and see where your state
stands. If you are not from Texas your endorsement on Texas would not exists.
However, whatever state you live in, please take a look at the site and see if they
are rewriting bills under your noses. If you find that they are then speak out.
This issue referenced is hard for me to explain, but if you view the documentary it
will give you some background on what is happening and what needs to be done.""This
is not a singular state issue. It is nationwide effort by ALEC, corporations and
legislators to change the fabric of everyone's life and will Deidre speaks above to
a statewide proposition to be voted on by the public most of bills pushed by ALEC
are put in place w/o a public vote. An example of efforts in other states from the
Moyers show was ALEC effort sponsored by Glaxo in NC to limit corporate