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victims.""Several books on hazardous medicine say that the system will always
protect the doctors, regardless of the harm they do to their patients. And you are
right Garrick, psychopathic doctors do generate income for the hospitals. You only
have to read the book ""Sick to Death"" about Dr. Jayant Patel dubbed ""The Butcher
from Bundaberg"". Even after being struck off in America for killing and maiming a
number of patients, he came to Australia, where he was given the position of
""Director of Surgery"". He killed and maimed a number of patients, and even
though the hospital knew about the harm he inflicted on his patients, they offered
to renew his position for another 2 years at $8,000 a week, because he generated
the most money for the hospital by operating on numerous patients. He was
practicing without a licence and the Medical Board didn't bother to check him out,
even though his incompetence and revoked medical licence was on the web for all to
see.""There are many ways to meaningfully engage patients in the effort toward
improving the delivery system. The portrayal of physicians as psychopaths is
disconcerting. There are bad doc's for sure...and plenty of good, conscientious
health care providers. Many health systems are working with patients to advance
safety science with the consumers perspective included. It's an important step.Many
systems have strong policies for disclosure and transparency. There is no quick fix
to a complex problem, I know in my heart that flame throwing on either side will
never fix anything.""Diana Behling, the doctor intentionally starved my mother for
seven days because she was a paraplegic, and then demanded an unnecessary trach and
got mad when he was fired, what would you call him??? Sociopath seems to be a good
description to me? What about the doctor has overdosed her to the point of
hallcination, refused to tell us what medication she was on, and when he was chewed
out by us and one of the other doctors, thought it was just hi-lar-ious that we
would be unhappy at him nearlykilling her? Do you think we can have a ""meaningful
engagement"" with him??? How about the SIX board certified pulmonologists who lied
to us, lied to mom and lied to her normal doctors as to her medical condition--she
had lung cancer, precluding us from having her transferred to somewhere that would
have treated her. Do you think that hospital has a ""strong disclosure
policy.""We've seen mom's records. they are full of lies -- like the 2by 3 cm stage
II pressure sore, which upon tranfser is documented by an honest hospital at a
stage IV, 10 cm by 10 cm. the problem is the hospitals that would rather lie their
way to compliance than actually be safe. And personally, I wish someone had burnt
the place down before mom went there. It seems to me that your""heart"" needs to be
more on our side that protecting evil people. Because that what the doctors were
who treated mom. Evil. that isn't to say that all doctors are evil. But these
folks sure were. And they only thing they understood was a swift kick in the balls.
And where they need to be in jail. Not in an ""encounter group"" or in
""sensitivity training."" You can't graft a conscience into someone who has none."
"I didn't say all doctors are psychopaths. But the few bad doctors are well
protected even when one crosses state lines to see far away doctors. It is apparent
to any doctor anywhere when there has been medical injury. There seems to be an
unwritten rule to protect professional image first, patent second. I was told that
the threat of slander is taken seriously, even a false threat because it besmirches
the image of the bullied doctor that he is not a trusted team player to the other
doctors in his own local area. So that is how a bad doctor can bully and reach
across far distances to prevent any good doctors from telling the truth to his
victim.I would like to know if there is any idea of how to work with a doctor to
get to truth about one's injury. Being nice and patient gets one a bill for nothing
done except being lied to.""If you don't think its fair, what words would you use
to describe parents who did the same thing to their kid? Would you think that
""constructive engagement"" would be the appropriate solution? How about if I
starved my dog? Would you think that a good talk would be the right response? Why
should patients be treated worse than dogs?""Diana Behling, where'd you go? A
little push back and we get crickets? And by the way, Diana, most of here have
tried to ""engage the system"" regarding errors and have been told to go pound
sand, or worse. if you were to look at this site, you would see that patients feel
that there is NO meaningful way to engage the medical profession, except for legal